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Smart Products through Artificial Intelligence

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We Bring Intelligence into Your IT

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a great opportunity and enables IT to move to the next level of intelligent development. However, many companies are still reluctant to implement concrete AI projects and are unsure: Is it more important, for example, to automate processes or to make better predictions?

The Time Has Come for AI, Don't Hesitate!

Our experts are at your side as competent partners. We support you right from the start and identify your individual AI potential with you. From the AI strategy and roadmap to the implementation of smart AI and machine learning applications as well as real-time decision systems.

We create your AI service. From brainstorming to operation.

  • We identify your relevant AI-Use Cases

    • As-is analysis

    In the workshop format we clarify the most important basics and analyse the technical and technical actual situation. The focus is on the challenges and data. 

    • Use Case Portfolio

    In the next step, the Use Case Portfolio is developed and clearly prepared. The use cases are prioritized individually on the basis of benefit and effort.

    • Readiness Check

    In the Readiness Check, the selected Use Cases are closely examined and analysed. Requirements such as data, systems and processes play a role.

    This is how you get your Use Case Portfolio!

  • In a few days from idea to prototype

    • Design

    In the design phase we define the goals and requirements of a first tangible prototype and develop a concept.

    • Evaluation

    In the evaluation phase we check the feasibility and identify the best solution. Our standardized development environment reduces disruptive factors and accelerates development. 

    • Prototype

    Step by step a first verified prototype is created. The prototype can be used to determine at an early stage whether the planned effects will occur or whether the objectives will be achieved.

    Your verified prototype is ready for use!

  • Your prototype becomes the finished AI service in the productive environment

    • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

    From a prototype, we develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and iteratively extend the database and functionalities. Continuous function, load and integration tests ensure stable integration into the operating environment.

    • Scaling

    A scaling plan determines how the MVP successively becomes a scaling AI service. The analysis of the productive environment as well as influencing factors and interfaces are taken into account.

    • AI Service

    The finished AI service can be flexibly integrated into applications, processes and systems using the API provided, and can be scaled as required. 

    Your AI service is productive!

  • Stable operation and continuous improvement of your AI services

    • Monitoring

    We keep an eye on the operation of your AI services: This is what our many years of experience in infrastructure and data center services stand for. Early alarms make it possible to intervene in a controlling manner before a system malfunction occurs. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

    • Re-training

    Re-training ensures the quality of the AI algorithm during operation. Significant deviations in production are detected and managed.  If required, we automate the re-training and ensure continuous deployment.

    • Service Management

    Service management is carried out according to standardized ITIL processes. All routine activities required for ongoing operations are taken over. 

    Your comprehensive Managed AI service proves itself in everyday life!

Do you want to bring intelligence into your processes?

Rely on the expertise and implementation competence of the Arvato Systems AI Competence Cluster and write your AI success story!

Intelligence for Smart Products from a Single Source

High application competence in the field of artificial intelligence
Systematic development pipeline for high quality
Interface connection and IT integration
Full service from prototype to productive solution
High efficiency and performance through automation solution

Piloting & Proof-of-Concepts

We develop with you your initiatives in the field of Artificial Intelligence

Verification of Proof-Of-Concepts in Production

We transfer your AI application case into production and take care of smooth integration and operation end-to-end.

Smartification of Products, Services and Platforms

We process AI driven services into your existing products or processes: 

  • An AI backend for your purpose 
  • Data connection, model training and use case integration from a single source

Our Partners for Your Success

Amazon Web Services

Arvato Systems accompanies medium-sized customers in German-speaking countries securely into the AWS cloud. Innovations through the use of AWS cloud computing technology are complemented by value-added services for professional E2E cloud solutions and services. 


Together with our partner Microsoft, we drive innovations forward - so that you can work better in the future. As a full-service IT service provider, we guide our customers through digital transformation. As a long-standing partner, we cover a broad Microsoft portfolio and support you with consulting, transition and customized services.

Your Contact for the AI Competence Cluster

Niels Pothmann
Expert for Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence