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Ux and Ui Design for an Inspiring User Experience

Functionality and design in perfect harmony

Intuitive User Interfaces Create Strong Brands

Digital solutions must be equipped with intuitive user interfaces and thus offer users an individual and inspiring user experience - the prerequisite for brands to shine in all digital channels.

Success factors for a user interface

Digital products of all kinds are successful if they combine two aspects: they must function perfectly and be easy to operate. Both success factors are largely dependent on the UX design. Only if websites, online shops, apps, collaboration and software interfaces are designed in such a way that they optimally meet the user's needs in terms of functionality and appearance, does the user feel emotionally connected to the digital application.

Methodical UX design approach

Our aim is no less than to design the perfect user experience. To this end, we follow a user-centric approach in the conception and implementation of digital products. The focus is always on the user of the product, the associated needs and your objectives.

We Understand Your Customers and Your Product

Actual State Analysis

We consider the individual needs of companies and users alike, based on user interviews and the assessment of existing user interfaces.

We Form a Team

The knowledge gained flows into joint customer workshops, in which we develop initial solutions with the help of the moderation cycle.


Within the framework of benchmarking, we compare various attributes such as unique selling propositions. This gives us a clear idea of the functional and visual target image of the new application.


Based on the initial user interviews, we define meaningful personas that represent the future users and their needs, wishes and challenges.

The Arvato Systems UX & UI Design Process

In a general concept, we record the required functions and the benefits of the later application. It represents the planned information architecture in the form of a catalogue of measures. With the help of wireframes, we illustrate the optimal user guidance and the future arrangement of individual modules - quickly, prototypically and target-oriented. On the basis of a first clickable software prototype, we gather feedback from later users (user testing) and make user-oriented adjustments if necessary.

For an intuitive and understandable user interface, we define font families, styles, colors, responsive components, module-independent design elements such as headlines, texts, buttons and containers, and determine how individual modules should interact. As part of the detailed specification, we derive all application steps from the wireframes, formulate all relevant processes and merge them with the developed design.

After prototype and design have been coordinated with the product owner, we map module descriptions, including functionalities and associated behavior of elements such as mouse overs, in a structured manner and describe them in detail (Jira and Confluence). In a style guide, we record the style of each software application in the corporate design and document all specific design specifications. In a central and structured design library we store, document and store all design elements of the user interface - from typography to micro-animations.

User centered

We design digital solutions that focus on relevant controls and content components.

Intuitive operation

We design self-explanatory digital solutions with easy-to-understand user interfaces.


We design digital solutions in the corporate design of companies for recognition value and emotional identification.


We design digital solutions based on enterprise technologies that provide maximum functionality.


We design digital solutions that are not only reusable due to their modularity and therefore very sustainable and future-proof.

Industry independent

We design digital solutions that reflect a wide variety of business models and meet the needs of users.

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