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Simplify your planning and scheduling process with BMS Avatega Schedule

How to Maximize the Return on Your Content?

BMS Avatega is an efficient  and highly integrated management system for linear and non-linear contractual rights, intellectual properties, and content schedules. For users looking to simplify their planning and scheduling processes, Avatega Schedule offers a number of key innovations that bring significant gain both in efficiency and effectiveness.

Avatega revolutionizes channel management by automating all the repetitive tasks in the scheduling process, massively reducing the time it takes to populate both linear and non-linear schedules. Uniquely, Avatega also maximizes the return on content by ensuring that purchased rights are used before they expire. However, none of this functionality comes at the expense on control with an intuitive interface enabling the definition and prioritization of rules and goals for each channel that fulfill the business needs as well as the specification of fixed program elements such as news bulletins.

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Your Benefits


Schedule linear and non-linear content on multiple platforms from a single application

Content Management

Easily manage catch-up content and use automation rules for their scheduling

Saving Time

Reduce the time to populate linear and non-linear channels by assisted schedule creation


Automate ingest requests and work orders through seamless integration with MAM solutions


Effortlessly automate processes with configuration of individual workflows and enforce business rules

Cloud Solution

Increase speed and agility in deployment of new channels with Avatega as a Cloud-based solution

Testimonial_Sport1_Thorsten Speck

The media company of today must be able to use all channels in order to reach the public. For the innovative company, strategic technology decisions are essential in providing the services that advertisers and audiences demand.

Constantin Medien

Combined Strength


Together, BMS Avatega Schedule and Avatega Rights build an efficient and highly integrated management system for linear and non-linear contractual rights, intellectual properties, and content schedules.

Jointly installed they offer seamless integration and powerful workflows along your channel management processes.

Program Planning and Rights Management with Avatega

Would you like to find out how Avatega makes daily work easier for schedulers and rights managers? Then take a look at this video.

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