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Serialization of Food & Food Supplements for the Russian Market

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Do you export your goods from the product group "Food & Food Supplements" to Russia? Learn more about the essential points in the web session recording!

Do You Export Your Goods to Russia? Then You Should Have a Look at Our Web Session!

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We have placed the focus of our agenda on the Russian market - goods from this product group will probably have to carry certain mandatory serialization features from 2022 onwards when they are exported to Russia. The central Russian track & trace system is considered one of the most complex in the world.

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Dietary Supplements Marking Experiment – Lubov Andreeva, CRPT
Challenges for International Food Supplement Manufacturers when Implementing the Russian Export Requirements – Angelica Khosroeva & Christian Mehrmann, Arvato Systems
Russia Food Supplement Serialization – Nicole Linn, Wipotec
Realizing the Russian Dairy Requirements in a complex production and export scenario – Marco Cioci, Emmi & Oliver Meihorst, Arvato Systems
Wörwag & Arvato Pilot-Project Russia - Felix Jugas, Arvato Systems
Conclusion, Carl-Rainer Stetter, Arvato Systems

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