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Serialisierung von Konsumentenprodukten in Russland - Visual - Luftaufnahme Mann im Lager

Serialization, Verification, Track & Trace of Consumer Products in Russia

Our whitepaper shows how to prepare for mandatory product marking in Russia!

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Serialziation, Verification, Track & Trace of Consumer Goods in Russia

Mandatory Serialization for the Export of Goods to Russia


Step by step, the Russian organization CRPT prescribes mandatory marking of all products of various commodity groups exported to Russia. Russia is also one of your most important export markets? Then prepare early for the necessary requirements because the Russian Track & Trace system is considered one of the most complex in the world.

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  • Which 14 most important questions about product serialization in Russia do you need to clarify
  • How to build an effective track & trace system
  • How other companies have already successfully solved the challenges

At a glance – timelines for introducing mandatory product markings in Russia

20210421_Deadline Russland

Your Contact for Serialization of Consumer Products

Pauline Poppensieker
Expert for Counterfeit Protection