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Pharmaceutical Industry: Implementation of Two IT Solutions in Record Time


Marketing Authorization Holder & Pharmaceutical Wholesaler BRIZ Ltd. Achieves Compliance with EU Falsified Medicines Directive Within One Month


As of 9 February 2019, all members of the pharmaceutical supply chain are required to implement the EU’s Falsified Medicines Directive to ensure secure labeling of pharmaceutical products.

Arvato Systems and the Latvian pharmaceutical company BRIZ Ltd. agreed several months before the EU FMD came into effect (on 9 February 2019) to quickly implement the Arvato Systems Corporate Serialization Database (Arvato CSDB) solution as well as the Arvato Smart Logistics Platform Healthcare Suite (ASLP Healthcare Suite).

This decision posed a challenge for Arvato Systems: The pharmaceutical marketing authorization holder and its business processes would have to come in line with the requirements of the EU directive within one month.

Ultimately, this was successfully achieved before the deadline set by the EU. As a result, BRIZ Ltd. was able to seamlessly continue with the registration of pharmaceutical products as well as its additional business activities in areas such as wholesale, logistics (including storage), and pharmacovigilance, all in keeping with the provisions of the EU FMD.

Customer Benefits

Quick and reliable implementation of two IT solutions
Compliance with the EU FMD provisions within one month
Solution for MAH as well as wholesale activities, covering various different areas of business
Leveraging Arvato Systems’ overarching, long-term, and international serialization expertise
Customization: easy to incorporate additional country and client requirements
Close collaboration based on partnership

"We were impressed by the structured and collaborative work from Arvato Systems even though we had a huge time pressure to keep BRIZ productive for the European Market."

Background Situation

In late December 2018, the two companies BRIZ Ltd. and Arvato Systems jointly decided to implement a serialization solution for pharmaceutical marketing authorization holders (MAHs) as well as an IT solution for pharmaceutical wholesalers. Since the companies reached this decision just a few months before the EU FMD would come into effect, it was clear from the start of the project that both parties would only have a month to get everything done. The client relied on Arvato Systems’ many years of expertise and serialization knowledge in planning and executing the implementations. The IT expert also serves as the first point of contact for, among other things, the State Agency of Medicines of Latvia, which also ensured compliance with the EU FMD by the required deadline.


The goal was to implement the required business processes throughout BRIZ by the time the EU Falsified Medicines Directive for secure medication identification had come into effect (9 February 2019). This goal was successfully achieved before February 2019 due to a close collaboration based on partnership, among other factors.


BRIZ Ltd. relies on the Arvato CSDB software-as-a-service serialization solution as well as the ASLP Healthcare Suite wholesaler solution. The Arvato CSDB is generally designed to act as a link between the company’s ERP system, the systems that directly control production, and process-relevant external systems or organizations. It enables the management of production workflows with serialization and/or aggregation, including beyond company borders.

The ASLP Healthcare Suite is a modular digital system that can visualize both internal and cross-company logistics processes in accordance with the EU FMD requirements. The solution supports pharmaceutical wholesalers in securely and promptly implementing the business processes required to ensure compliance with the EU FMD, with a focus on verification and decommissioning in particular. Additionally, the solution provides real-time process transparency, streamlined IT architecture, a high degree of user-friendliness, and, consequently, a high level of acceptance among users.

Founded in Riga, Latvia
> 500
Pharmaceutical products
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Active countries

About BRIZ Ltd.

BRIZ Ltd. was founded in September 1991 and now offers over 500 different medications and pharmaceutical products. Alongside various MAH licenses, the company also provides services related to registering pharmaceutical products, wholesale, marketing, logistics (including storage), and pharmacovigilance. Europe and Russia constitute its core markets.

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