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Case Study Zoro Tools PIM

Professional Product Information Management with Informatica

Zoro Tools Europe GmbH

An Investment in the Future

ArvatoSystems_Kunde_zoro_M02b_M02c_M11-Bild-rechts-links is now able to import supplier data considerably faster and easier into the PIM system thanks to the support of Arvato Systems. We can import data smoothly, even though the quality of the delivered data varies greatly, from structured data from ERP or inventory management systems to incoherent data from Excel files.

Customer Benefits

Faster time-to-market for products
Enterprise PIM solution with futureproofing, no need for in-house developments
Comprehensive, transparent view of all supplier and article information
Optimized eCommerce process landscape
More efficient control of product range
Integration of all output channels with PIM as a central platform

The new PIM system provides us with a comprehensive, transparent overview of all supplier and article information, which we can then manage using data-driven processes.

Project Overview

Background Situation previously used a proprietary solution for managing product and supplier data. However, the software was not capable of meeting the speed of eCommerce dynamics due to the massive quantities of data. Sometimes it took several months to create, prepare, and deliver data on articles of new suppliers to the respective online channels. It fomented discontent in suppliers and the responsible persons at alike. 

Vision was looking for a PIM system that could be productive within a few weeks, one that enabled uncomplicated integration of supplier data from various sources, and one that supports automatic content preparation, including quality checks. After comparing different systems, opted for Informatica PIM. The company was convinced that the system could cover the desired range of functions, run stably, and optimally support the desire for a very fast time-to-market installation.

Solution opted for Arvato Systems as an IT service provider that could implement the PIM system and integrate it into the existing IT landscape. Only one workshop was necessary to discuss the requirements, as the project participants already knew each other. Arvato Systems provided a test system after three weeks, and after six weeks, an initial productive version, which was then further developed together in an agile manner. appreciates the high level of commitment and the great efforts that the IT service provider invested in the project in order to meet the tight schedule.

Figures, Data, Facts

Transparent Overview
Users are always given a clear overview, as all output channels are integrated in the PIM solution as a central platform.
Easy Product Management
Smooth data import and data management. Mass data is automatically generated, processed, edited, and checked for quality.
Increased Data Quality
The PIM system informs the user which information is to be maintained at which point.

The Customer

Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Zoro Tools Europe GmbH is Germany's leading online specialist equipment retailer serving craftsmen, businesses, and the industry. With sales of around $10 billion, the U.S.-based parent company Grainger is one of the world's largest eCommerce providers of maintenance, repair, and servicing products. Zoro's product range includes around 400,000 products such as tools, screws, fastening technology, workwear, protective clothing, office items and equipment, and storage and workshop equipment.

Further Information

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