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Market Access for Serialization of Consumer Goods in Russia

Emmi AG

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Emmi AG Ensures Market Access in Russia with Serialization Solution by Arvato Systems

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Since the summer of 2021, dairy products imported into Russia have to be serialized. This means that they have to comply with complex regulations, as is already the case or is imminent for many other consumer products. This is a major challenge for the renowned Swiss manufacturer Emmi, which they mastered efficiently and competently thanks to a tailor-made solution for product serialization by Arvato Systems.

Emmi can now further bolster its strong position in the Russian market – and track its products across the distribution chain worldwide, thus further enhancing its business.

Customer Benefits

Serialization runs highly automated and is seamlessly integrated into production
Numerous players integrated in clear processes and without inefficiencies
Effective communication with authorities thanks to Russian-speaking team members at Arvato Systems
Early, strategic planning and efficient go-live in around two weeks
Competitive advantages over competitors that do not meet serialization requirements

Customer Quote

Marco Cioci - Emmi AG

The quality of Arvato Systems shows in their ability to act reliably, quickly, and solution-oriented even when handling difficult issues. At all times, Arvato Systems precisely understood what makes our company tick and what a serialization solution for our needs must look like. With great expertise and dedication, they then successfully implemented precisely this solution for us.

Emmi International AG

Project Overview

Initial Situation

For exporting dairy products to Russia, all incoming products have to comply with new, complex traceability requirements as of summer 2021. The manufacturer Emmi has opted for a highly automated serialization solution.


The project aims to ensure independent and secure access to the Russian market. This requires understanding complex Russian specifications and implementing them in direct coordination with the local authorities. Various internal departments, stakeholders, and production sites must be integrated. Serialization is to be smoothly integrated into highly automated production and logistics processes. In addition, the further potential of track & trace is to be used to track products worldwide, to gain competitive advantages, and to protect one's own business.


The overall solution implemented with Arvato Systems works via an individually developed SaaS setup (Software as a Service), based on the Arvato Corporate Serialization Database (CSDB). Right at the production stage, each product is labeled with a data matrix code in a highly automated process, making it unique. This code holds relevant product and manufacturing data and meets all serialization requirements for export to Russia. Furthermore, this opens up new opportunities to efficiently enhance product security, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting, as well as the company’s digital marketing.

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About Emmi

Emmi is the largest producer of dairy products in Switzerland and a global leader in the industry. Around 8,900 employees at 40 production sites around the world manufacture cheese, yogurts, for example, as well as products for industrial use. The company was founded in 1907 near Lucerne.

> 60
markets globally
> 13000
different products
billion (CHF) in net sales (2020)

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