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Webinar: Intuitiveness and Agility in Logistics

How to Make Your Processes More Efficient and Cost-Effective

Webinar | Intuitiveness and Agility in Logistics

Thursday, 7 May 2020, 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM

These days at the latest, it is becoming clear that excessively high fixed costs in logistics are causing companies major problems. High fixed costs in logistics can be caused by old or missing IT systems, for example.

Especially paper-based processes can hardly meet today's requirements. Paper has - compared to paperless methods - numerous disadvantages such as:

  • High costs
  • Low productivity
  • Lack of transparency
  • Many mistakes

You have digitized processes, but the wrong devices?

If paper is no longer used, expensive, heavy and unwieldy RF scanners are often used, which are directly integrated into the leading system. The integration as well as the expensive hardware and software prices for the scanners leave the companies almost no leeway in the flexible design of processes. However, since flexible processes as well as dynamic personnel deployment are essential levers to react to the volatility and dynamics of the markets, many companies face a problem.

User-friendly apps enable low software costs, dynamic personnel deployment and fast commissioning.

A user-friendly app that maps all relevant standard supply chain processes (such as goods receipt, replenishment and picking) and can be used on almost all mobile device types has many advantages:

  • It supports "hands-free" operation and thus increases productivity

  • It enables employees to learn and execute processes in the shortest time and with the greatest of ease

  • It has no unnecessary fixed costs, but a variable pricing model that grows with your business

  • It enables dynamic personnel deployment at low software costs

  • It works manufacturer-independently, so that you can always use the best and cheapest hardware

  • It allows you to change processes flexibly to requirements via self-service

  • It leads to lower IT, hardware and process costs overall

  • Translated with (free version)


Sounds good to you?

Would you like to find out how you can save money with state-of-the-art logistics software even in times of crisis?

Our Speakers

Robert Teschendorf

Process Consultant

Business focus:

  • Co-founder of platbricks - platbricks consultant
  • supply chain management expert
  • Process and IT consulting for the optimization of supply chain processes
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Expert
  • Project manager for different projects like platbricks, Analytics with Qlik or Supply Chain Consulting
Michael Dreimann

Senior Management Consultant

Business focus:

  • Certified: Experienced project manager according to IPMA
  • Realisation: Projects along the entire supply chain
  • P3M: Project, program and portfolio management
  • Experience: Process, IT consulting and organizational development 
  • Interim Manager: leadership experience and entrepreneurial spirit

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