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08. August 2017

Approval received for online live operations in introduction of telematics infrastructure

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Next steps forward in Healthcare Digitalization

(Arvato Systems) Gütersloh – Early in June gematik shareholders approved telematic infrastructure (TI) live operations and gave approval for the first application of the electronic health card as well. Arvato Systems has been a part of this project from the outset.

The order to create a central infrastructure to trial the online evaluation of key insurance client data stored on the electronic health card (online rollout, Level 1, block 3) was received by Arvato Systems at the start of the project. Throughout the project, Arvato Systems succeeded in achieving product approvals and ensuring on-schedule go-lives for central components. The IT service provider delivered a solid foundation for a successful trial.
The approval given by gematik shareholders for online live operations is an important signal for everyone involved. Jan Wemmel, Head of eHealth at Arvato Systems comments: “We and gematik are delighted to have achieved this important milestone in the project and we look forward to continuing our strong and trusting partnership”.

The project, for trialing and implementing a secure and sustainable cross-sector telematics infrastructure for healthcare, is groundbreaking in Germany. It includes providing connectivity for health insurance services and other players as well as for existing networks like the secure network of the “Kassenärztliche Vereinigungen” (KVen [SNK]) to the telematics infrastructure.

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