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05. July 2017

Arvato Systems and Finland sign co-operation agreement for National Verification System

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IT Solution for EU-compliant medication verification system

  • Arvato Systems implements IT solution for Finland’s medicines verification system.
  • EU Falsified Medicines Directive implemented by Finnish Medicines Verification Organisation.

(Arvato Systems) Gütersloh – From February 9, 2019 the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) states that prescription medicines may only be sold in Europe if each package is authenticated by an individual serial number. By signing this contract, Finland becomes one of the first European countries to commission IT experts Arvato Systems with the creation and operation of an IT platform to verify prescription medicines.

In June 2015, the European Medicines Verification Organization (EMVO) appointed Arvato Systems as official service provider for the National Blueprint Service. The Gütersloh IT specialists offer a proven software solution which enables a fast, cost-efficient implementation of all aspects of EU anti-counterfeiting guidelines. With the system in place, end-to-end serialization of medications – from pharmaceutical manufacturer through to in-store verification by pharmacies – is enabled.
Finnish Medicines Verification Organisation, FiMVO, was established in December 2016 with representation from the Pharma Industry Finland, the Finnish Generic Pharmaceutical Association, Suppliers of Parallel Imported Medicines in Finland, the Association of Finnish Pharmacies, the Association of Pharmaceutical Distributors as well as the Orion Coorporation. The company is responsible for implementation of the verification system in line with the requirements of the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).
On signing the contract, FiMVO started to work with Arvato Systems to build the new Finnish verification system. The FMD implementation pilot phase takes place in a real production environment, with participation from wholesalers, pharmacy stores and hospital pharmacies.
“The process of implementing the FMD will take time, and this is why we are happy to have Arvato Systems as our IT partner. Arvato Systems can draw on their experience with other EU countries, and we benefit from this,” says Maija Gohlke-Kokkonen, FiMVO general manager.
Peter Koop, Vice President Healthcare at Arvato Systems, continues: “We are delighted to use our IT expertize to support Finland in their EU guideline implementation. Deadlines are tight, and so it is all the more important that we have been able to make an immediate start in building the system for Finland.”
Arvato Systems has a comprehensive range of solution platforms for serialization in the Healthcare sector, with which the demanding requirements of the EU anti-counterfeiting guidelines can be implemented. Since January 2013, Arvato Systems has offered a national IT solution for protection against counterfeit medications. This system offers verification of medications before they are delivered to the patient, ensuring that all packaging data has valid serial numbers and managing these throughout the entire delivery chain.
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In Healthcare, Arvato Systems provides its own serialization solutions covering the entire end-to-end process chain. These solutions support both individual producers and national verification systems. Arvato Systems was chosen as an official service provider by the European Medicines Verification Organization (EMVO). We rely on a dedicated team of serialization experts that has already carried out numerous international projects.
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