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29. October 2019

Comprehensive Request-to-Cash Platform for All Market Roles

Platform solution from Arvato Systems drives digitalization in the energy market forward

  • Arvato Systems significantly expands the functionality of its Arvato Energy Platform (AEP), which is already successfully established on the market
  • The platform covers all key role-specific tasks as well as core IT functions and basic energy specific functions

Gütersloh – Gütersloh, Germany – Arvato Systems is to significantly expand the functionality of its Arvato Energy Platform (AEP), which is already successfully established on the market. This expansion will set the platform up as the leading process platform in the German energy market across market roles.

Arvato Systems Horst Wolter

Digitalization, the development of new business models, and a rise in the number of processes represent massive challenges for the industry. To navigate them, we need flexibility while simultaneously maintaining cost efficiency. Our solutions portfolio enables us to provide public utilities, energy suppliers, and other players in the energy market with the tools they need.

A large number of energy companies already use the cloud-based solution from Arvato Systems to handle their market communication. The IT experts also use the AEP to support a wide range of operators in the management of several thousand cogeneration plants. The success it has achieved in this together with in-house market analyses prompted the IT service provider to expand the AEP into a comprehensive Request-to-Cash platform for all market roles that require a high degree of digitalization in the energy market.

All future business models will be based on data and digital processes

And the need for digitalization can be found everywhere: For example, new market communication regulations (Marktkommunikation 2020; MaKo 2020) will lead to significantly increased process volumes since data for metering and market locations will soon have to be sent by the metering point operator, who will also receive the relevant master data from the distribution network operator for this purpose. The same will apply for the transmission network operator, who shall assume some of the responsibility for the aggregation and shall thus be integrated into the corresponding data exchange. The introduction and operation of smart metering systems require digitalized workflows. The process and data volumes will also multiply due to the meters being read in short cycles. The decentralization of energy generation means new processes are required. Public utilities need to move away from standard load profiles and use data-based forecasts to optimize their own energy procurement. The current load situation in the distribution network must be made transparent. These tasks will become even more important as the number of prosumers, storage devices, and soon, e-mobility charging columns that are connected to the network increases. In the future, all business models for providers such as service providers in the photovoltaic facilities management sector or those that offer tenant electricity models will be based on data and digital processes.

Cost efficiency through digitalization and scaling

“These areas are precisely where Arvato Systems’ core strengths lie. We are able to create cost efficiency through digitalization and scaling,” emphasizes Wolter. “We are incredibly familiar with the role-specific requirements of the industry.” Arvato Systems’ wide range of competencies enable it to contribute to other group companies’ realization of a Request-to-Cash process chain, if needed, also making it an attractive partner. Arvato has certified data centers, years of experience as a specialist for B2C client processes, and is an expert in the logistics processes in a wide range of industries. These processes can also be adapted to the storage and custom distribution of charging columns, for example. “And of course, we can also bring our financial service experts on board to provide comprehensive support when it comes to billing charging processes,” says Wolter.

The goal is for the Arvato Energy Platform to potentially cover all of the key role-specific tasks as well as core IT functions and basic energy specific functions, with energy service providers and district managers, decentralized generators, energy suppliers, metering point operators, distribution network operators, and transmission network operators forming the target market. The majority of the role-specific functions are already available now. Any missing functions will be added gradually as required.

Digital transformation with a sense of proportion

With the introduction of the AEP, Arvato Systems promises personalized client orientation and a sense of proportion. “We are not looking to replace the existing systems all in one go; instead, we prefer to integrate new or redesigned digital process chains gradually,” says Wolter. Any process that is not going to be redesigned will remain in place and can be transformed over time, if needed. That said, it is not worth digitalizing inefficient processes.” “Our experience in this area is clear cut: if a company plans to take a larger step towards digitalization, then this generally requires newly designed processes.”


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