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10. September 2018

International Pharmaceutical Industry Accepts Arvato Systems’ and Traxeed’s Invitation to Berlin

Arvato Systems_Gesundheitswesen_Bertelsmann Repräsentanz
  • Arvato Systems and Traxeed are bringing pharmaceutical experts from all over the world together again for a two-day networking event
  • The event, which will take place on 15 and 16 October, will focus on the successful implementation of global serialization requirements

(Arvato Systems) Gütersloh, Germany – Around 200 representatives from international pharmaceutical manufacturers, licensed pharmaceutical wholesalers, representatives of national verification systems from 15 countries, implementing companies, and representatives from other industries in which product traceability is becoming increasingly important will meet again for a two-day event at the Bertelsmann headquarters in Berlin. Presentations and workshops will focus on the global requirements of pharmaceutical packaging serialization as well as current trends related to serialization.

Global serialization and pharmaceutical trends’ is the motto of this year’s event, the format of which is well-established in the sector. The 6th Serialization Symposium will focus on the pressing issues that have become time-critical in terms of the implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive (2011/62/EU), which is valid for the EU, as well as other internationally applicable laws for the implementation of end-to-end serialization of prescription medication.

This year’s Serialization Symposium will also address current and future trends within the pharmaceutical industry as well as other sectors with regard to the traceability of products. Topics on the agenda include:

  • Quo Vadis - Serialization in Russia 2020 and beyond
  • FMD: Wholesale License Holders want to know how to start
  • Product Traceability Trends in Non-Pharma Industries such as Food and Medical Devices
  • Chances of serialization - How to boost shop floor transparency by integrating Arvato CSDB and PAS-X MES

”The positive response to our invitation shows that there continues to be a great need for us to network with one another, and to keep in close communication concerning current and future challenges regarding the issues of the traceability of products and protection against counterfeit products,” said Peter Koop, Vice President Healthcare at Arvato Systems. “The very open atmosphere in which we and the prominent representatives attending the event come together to get to the heart of current and future challenges and discuss potential solutions deserves special mention,” he continued.

The 6th Serialization Symposium will be hosted by Arvato Systems and Traxeed at the Bertelsmann Premises in Berlin, Germany.

After the first day of the event, all participants will be invited to a networking evening in the nearby Haus Ungarn for more in-depth discussions.

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About Traxeed

The Traxeed brand, bundles all Track & Trace solutions, products and services of the Medipak System companies Seidenader Maschinenbau and Systec & Services.

With Traxeed, Seidenader and Systec & Services offer their customers worldwide serialization solutions for the entire production process from a single source. Customers can rely on the many years of experience of both companies. Seidenader contributes its know-how in serialization and aggregation machines as well as the necessary software for level 1 to level 3. Systec & Services stands for many years of experience in the implementation of levels 1 to 5.

About Arvato Systems

Global IT specialist Arvato Systems supports major companies through digital transformation. More than 2,600 staff in over 25 locations epitomize in-depth technology expertise, industry knowledge and focus on customer requirements. Working as a team, we develop innovative IT solutions, transition our clients into the Cloud, integrate digital processes and take on IT systems operation and support.

In the healthcare segment, Arvato Systems covers the entire end-to-end process chain with its own serialization solutions. These solutions support both individual manufacturing companies and national verification systems. Arvato Systems has been selected as an official service provider by the European Medicines Verification Organisation (EMVO). We rely on our own team of serialization experts, which has already implemented numerous projects in the international environment.

As a part of the Bertelsmann-owned Arvato network, we have the unique capability to work across the entire value chain. Our business relationships are personal; we work with our clients as partners, so that together we can achieve long-term success.

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