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15. December 2020

Third Summit Launches Alteon Media Platform Based on Vidispine Technology

Third Summit bringt Alteon-Medien-Plattform auf Basis von Vidispine-Technologie an den Start

Arvato Systems expands Vidispine partner network

  • Arvato Systems’ Vidispine brand and Third Summit tie their competences
  • Modular architecture of VidiCore accelerates time-to-market for products

Gütersloh – Arvato Systems is delighted to announce that Third Summit, a collective of full-stack digital media solutions, has utilized the Vidispine VidiCore state-of-the-art media management backend to build its disruptive new SaaS platform, Alteon.

Alteon is a production ecosystem that makes it easier for brands, agencies, influencers and creatives to work together. It leverages AI and cloud technology to allow users to collaborate seamlessly, handle payments faster and find work more easily. It features three interlocking services: Alteon Community, a production coordinator and talent marketplace; Alteon Cloud, a digital content manager; and the payments system Alteon Pay, all of which are accessible from one central platform.

Arvato Systems’ Vidispine team enabled Third Summit to create a system that encompasses the media supply chain for the central Alteon Cloud solution. The VidiCore service provides a state-of-the-art media management backend, separating the communication layer from the user interface and providing a developer platform that can operate completely independently of on-prem or cloud environments. Its flexibility also allows Alteon Cloud to be fast and scalable for media development teams.

The VidiCore object repository conforms all metadata information into an intermediate metadata format, allowing Third Summit to specify multiple generic and configurable metadata models in the same repository, while capturing all information required on any object in the database. As such, Alteon Cloud provides a central repository for storing, reviewing, sharing and managing different types of digital content while a project is underway, managing large file sizes with ease as the industry moves to ever-more demanding file formats and sizes.

For Alteon users, the end product dramatically overhauls workflow processes, giving them secure, cost-efficient and easy-to-use access to powerful digital tools. Using VidiCore also allowed Third Summit to bring its solution to market significantly faster.

“Our partnership with Third Summit has allowed them to achieve a low-cost point of entry for a multi-tenant environment via the use of our advanced API created specifically for the post production industry,” says Erik Ahlin, who is responsible for the partnership on the Arvato Systems Vidispine team. “We developed VidiCore specifically to allow clients to rapidly prototype and bring products to market to make the most of the opportunities in front of them.”

“By leveraging Arvato Systems’ proven Vidispine technology, we've been able to focus on building out a robust cloud platform with multiple useful tools for production professionals, while being confident in the security and structure at its core,” says Matt Cimaglia, co-founder and CEO of Third Summit. “The result is a true SaaS platform that can reduce the friction in workflows for freelancers, independent creators, social media influencers and small/mid-sized agencies, few of whom have access to the best tools available in the industry. Alteon Cloud is changing that, so content creators can focus on doing the work they love.”

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Global IT specialist Arvato Systems supports major companies through digital transformation. More than 3,000 staff in over 25 locations epitomize in-depth technology expertise, industry knowledge and focus on customer requirements. Working as a team, we develop innovative IT solutions, transition our clients into the Cloud, integrate digital processes and take on IT systems operation and support. Vidispine is a brand of the Arvato Systems Group. The Vidispine portfolio enables companies working with media to focus on their core business by providing easy access to technology that supports their business needs. Our platform enables customers to get the maximum value from their assets, rights, media inventory and market. As a part of the Bertelsmann-owned Arvato network, we have the unique capability to work across the entire value chain. Our business relationships are personal; we work with our clients as partners, so that together we can achieve long-term success.

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