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Rethinking digital customer communication

The digital transformation is increasingly influencing the user behaviour of end consumers. Communication and interaction are increasingly taking place in the digital environment. Digital knowledge in the form of data and information is available without restriction. This also has an impact on the relationship with their customers, who are becoming increasingly demanding.

For companies, this means that business processes must be consistently thought out from the customer's perspective. They must meet the customer's desire for self-determination, automation and digitization. Excellent customer service with a free choice of media is assumed. With multichannel communication solutions, you meet the requirements of your digital customer and lay an elementary foundation for customer satisfaction, new customer acquisition, customer loyalty for the entire digital customer service.

Today and in the future, digital service is a basic requirement for your existing customers. They are no longer satisfied with invoices that are delivered by post. They demand an overview of their account, their invoices and master data at any time, as required and in real time - whether on the move, via smartphone or in front of their home computer.

Digital Pioneer for Satisfied Customers with Multichannel Communication

Customer communication via various communication channels
Digital provision of invoices
Online overviews of payments and budget billing plans
Maintenance of master data
Manage online customer accounts
Information on technical malfunctions and failures
Call center mode for clerks for internal speedy processing

Efficient and Effective Services for Your Customers

With our multichannel solutions, you can integrate your customers directly into your business processes. A multitude of added value is created for your company.

Savings Potential and Cost Reduction

Reduce costs and use potential savings in your processes with a prebuilt solution in proven SAP quality with low individualization costs. By using state-of-the-art web standards and standardized, reusable access to your business processes and data, you ensure the agility and flexibility of your company. Reduce your internal process costs by focusing on customer self-service and automation of service processes.

Visibility and Public Perception

Increase visibility and ensure public awareness of your business through a unified, central view of all customer interactions and communication channels. Plan, control, monitor and optimize your corporate communications holistically and centrally and discover the cross-selling potential of your company.

Agility and Flexibility

With agility and flexibility, you can prepare yourself for the challenges of the market and legislation. With our solutions you increase your reaction times and speed. Enable more frequent and easier development, improvement and publishing of customer applications - without affecting your business processes. Whether you run the solution yourself or in the cloud, scale as you need.