Intelligent Sales Forecast

Determination of the sales forecast using historical data and external data sources

Prediction of the Turnover with Artificial Intelligence

A precise sales forecast enables microtrends to be identified early and the appropriate measures to be taken. With the help of artificial intelligence, sales and incoming orders can be predicted more reliably and accurately.

Case Overview

Initial situation

It is often unclear how company sales will develop in the future. Strategic measures, capacity planning and success analysis can only be evaluated backwards.


The introduction of intelligent sales forecasting enables the forecasting of sales development for individual customers and customer groups as well as products and product groups.


Using Artificial Intelligence, historical data and external market data are analyzed to forecast sales very accurately. Sales influencing parameters can be permanently evaluated and analyzed. Machine learning methods identify dependencies from historical, external market data and current data and adapt them for the forecast.

Early introduction of strategic measures
Early recognition of the success development of individual products and product groups
Better capacity and utilization planning

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