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Forrester About Order Management:

Arvato Systems Is One of the Largest Providers

Omnichannel retail is inconceivable without efficient order management (OMS). The market researchers at Forrester Research have analyzed the market for order management systems. In the Forrester report: "Now Tech: Omnichannel Order Management Systems, Q1 2021", Arvato Systems is listed among large OMS providers.

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Optimize Your Omnichannel Services With an OMS

Click and collect, curbside pickup, ship-to-store, reserve online - pickup-in-store and more - today's customers expect seamless omnichannel shopping experiences that offer multiple service options, regardless of location or time.

The "anytime, anywhere" delivery promise can only be kept by optimally orchestrating order, warehouse and store management. Powerful order management systems (OMS) offer a solution here.

The still young market is confusing - the market research company Forrester Research offers orientation with its Now Tech report "Omnichannel Order Management Systems, Q1 2021".

Arvato Systems is listed among 30 companies in the large vendor category of OMS Providers.

Our aroma® order management solution is consistently geared to integrating and controlling all processes along the entire retail value chain. In this way, we enable our retail customers to respond flexibly to changes in customer buying behavior at any time - and improve returns at the same time.

Read the Report by Market Analysts To

understand key customer requirements and their impact on your omnichannel strategy,
learn about the requirements for an omnichannel order management system,
get an overview of the range of corresponding solutions.

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