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Mass Communication Was Yesterday

The days of mass communication are over. Today, customers expect customised offers as well as products and services that suit them - via the channels of their choice. This level of personalisation can only be realised with a modern marketing solution: Tools such as centralised customer data management, real-time segmentation, campaign production and targeting allow you to get to know your customers better and to make communication individual and relevant.

Are you looking for a system that enables you to communicate perfectly with your target groups? Your search is over: Welcome to the SAP Marketing Cloud.

9 Good Reasons for the SAP Marketing Cloud

The intelligent ...

  • DYNAMIC - customer profiles are automatically enriched with new information in real time.
  • INDIVIDUAL - identify your customers' needs at an early stage and play out tailored communications.
  • ANALYTICAL - discover trends and micro-segments to dynamically adapt your marketing strategy.

adaptive ...

  • PERSONALISED - adapt content to the individual customer for a unique customer experience.
  • DATA-BASED - real-time campaign analytics help you optimise your communications.
  • TRUSTED - careful and compliant handling of your customers' data builds trust.

Marketing Solution from SAP.

  • EFFICIENT - help your marketing team generate more leads and improve conversion rates.
  • HOLISTIC - get a 360-degree picture of your contacts, consolidated in one system.
  • POINTIFIED - identify your customers across all touchpoints and address them individually.

FAQ: SAP Marketing Cloud

  • SAP Marketing Cloud is a module of the SAP Customer Experience Suite. The communication solution from SAP supports companies in personalising marketing and implementing successful campaigns on the basis of consolidated customer data profiles and modern analysis tools. In terms of performance marketing, the solution enables real-time analysis and segmentation, cross-channel personalisation and the delivery of content that is relevant to the target groups.

    • Marketing and budget planning with direct link to campaign management
    • Extensive segmentation functions
    • Personalised targeting
    • Real-time analysis functions enable fact-based, performance-driven marketing activities
    • Consolidated customer profiles (Golden Customer Profiles) give you a 360-degree view of your customers' needs and actions
    • Lead management functions for the seamless interaction of marketing and sales
  • As part of the SAP Customer Experience Suite, SAP Marketing Cloud plays to its strengths in omnichannel communication: Planning and execution of performance campaigns, marketing automation as well as personalisation of the customer approach are particularly facilitated by the perfect coordination with the SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Commerce Cloud modules. SAP Marketing Cloud is the perfect marketing tool for companies that put customers at the centre of their market communication.

Our Services for Your Success

Consulting, implementation and operation – all from a single source.

We provide consultation and work with you to define your process requirements and the desired functions. We draw your attention to opportunities to increase efficiency and optimize costs. We use this framework to design a solution for you and to help you select the ideal standard software.

Our experienced project managers handle implementation, configuration of standard software, and integration in your existing IT systems. Last but not least, we support your IT department with data migration and train your users. Naturally, we also provide you with the necessary product licenses. If needed, we offer you the right IT infrastructure for your business and handle system operation, including maintenance, application management, and further development.

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