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Innovative Strategies for Tackling Counterfeiting

Joint Brand Protection Study 2022 by Karg und Petersen and Arvato Systems

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Counterfeiting is a global challenge and not just limited to medicines and luxury products - in fact, in fact every product is counterfeited. In 2021, German customs authorities seized counterfeit products worth more than 315 million euros (source: German Federal Ministry of Finance, Der Zoll - Daten und Fakten im Überblick Link).
A joint brand protection study by Karg und Petersen and Arvato Systems, in which more than 200 companies from a wide range of industries and 15 European countries participated, shows how European companies are effectively combating counterfeiting and plagiarism. The results are now available online. 

The Key Findings

Product counterfeiting is widespread
The companies surveyed expect further tightening of regulations
Companies taking action against counterfeiting are mostly satisfied with brand protection
The use of innovative measures pays off

About Karg und Petersen

Karg und Petersen provides companies of all sizes with innovative marketing communications. Founded in 1996, the agency has truly unique expertise in brand protection and anti-counterfeiting: Using specially designed measures from PR and marketing, companies can increase the impact of traditional brand protection measures, reduce the demand for counterfeit goods, and activate key stakeholders. Learn more about Anti-Piracy Communications.

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