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Arvato Systems Conversational AI

Our chatbot solution

Our chat offers, and language assistants meet the enormous increase in the text- and language-based communication in customer support and automatically answer their customers' inquiries - anytime and anywhere. By using Conversational AI, they reduce costs and offer customers a time-saving and continuously available way to answer questions.

Beyond the hypes

Arvato Systems' chatbot approach provides a state-of-the-art solution where customer service is the main focus. Our chatbot platform relies on state-of-the-art tools, our many years of expertise in customer experience management, and the know-how of our AI specialists and software developers to develop a flexible and future-proof bot platform.

Most Modern Technologies

Omni-Channel Communication

With Conversational AI, you get an Omni-Channel solution that can be used both text-based (chat, messenger, etc.) and voice-based (telephony, virtual assistants). Due to the open architecture, a large number of channels are already available. Our architecture also enables the smooth integration of new channels.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

Speech recognition and speech understanding are carefully selected and adapted for the relevant language markets so that optimal speech recognition is always guaranteed, even for rarely spoken languages.

Dialogue Memory

The platform remembers vital information provided by customers during the chat (DSGVO compliant). That significantly improves the user's dialogue experience, as there is no need to ask for the same information several times.

Added Value Approach

Industry knowledge

Arvato Systems delivers pre-modeled intents and entities for essential industries such as banking and insurance, telecommunications, travel, and hospitality, etc., reducing project training time and accelerating implementation.

Integration into business processes

The individual business processes that can be integrated into the dialogues of a chatbot allow a deep integration into your existing systems and optimization of your current business processes.

Dedicated analyses

The internally developed analysis and reporting component combines real-time reports and historical data and provides relevant KPIs for the use of chatbots and actionable insights for optimizing NLU and dialog processes. Individual, user-defined reports can be provided on demand.

Standardized business processes

For each chatbot, there are a few processes that are always needed. Here you can fall back on a constantly growing number of already integrated processes (e.g. customer satisfaction, authentication, sending general e-mails, sending the conversation progress as e-mail, callback agreement, and much more).


All relevant data and information on the chatbot can be accessed via standardized, rest-based interfaces.

Your Contacts for Conversational AI

Jens Rehpöhler
Expert for Natural Language Processing
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Timo Salzburg
Expert for AI Solutions