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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure goes Cloud

In times of digital change, not only servers but also desktops are virtualized. Agility, speed and cost reduction are just some of the benefits that Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can offer the user. We explain what else Virtual Desktop Infrastructure has to offer and how you can make the most of your virtual desktop environments with Microsoft's cloud based service. With new functionality, high efficiency and additional compliance support, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) promises many benefits for delivering modern virtual desktop environments.

Information about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Application Scenarios

Since a permanent connection between the end device and the server must be guaranteed for the use of virtual desktops, integration does not make sense in all application scenarios. This is why, for example, work on the road cannot always be optimally implemented with the help of virtual desktops. On the other hand, virtual desktops are particularly useful in environments with high security requirements, as compliance requirements can be optimally observed and unintentional data transfer to the outside world is also prevented. Thus, home office is a typical application scenario which, thanks to virtual desktops, enables secure work even on private end devices. At the same time, virtual desktops are worthwhile for dynamic or time-limited users, as there is no need to purchase new hardware. This can mean great cost savings. In the same way, you simplify the mobile working day by connecting external users to the company network much more efficiently and quickly and by better managing high technical requirements.

Challenges & Windows Virtual Desktop

The integration of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can present many challenges. For example, to deploy it in your own data center, you need to ensure sufficient computing power, and the provision of individual user profiles can also involve a high degree of technical complexity. The risk of incorrect licensing due to operating systems and access types can also be high. For this reason, we recommend that you use the Azure Virtual Desktop (WVD) infrastructure together with us. AVD is a cloud-based service from Microsoft for the virtualization of desktops and applications. The service reduces the risks mentioned above by using the infrastructure highly automated from the Microsoft cloud platform Azure. With AVD you can use your modern workplace as optimized as possible.

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We advise you on the options that are right for you and accompany you on your way into the modern office working world.


And how can we help you with this? We offer you all services around Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and the Azure Virtual Desktop from one source. Therefore it is important to us to cover all intermediate steps from consulting to commissioning.



Migration & Network Connection



Not sure whether a change in strategy to virtual desktops from the cloud is worthwhile for you? We will be happy to advise you and work with you to exploit the full potential of your applications!


In consultation with you, we will create an architectural design suitable for you, which we will then expand in the next step. The architectural structure can be built in your tenant or in a tenant specially provided by us, whose operation we will of course also take over.


Thanks to our many years of experience in providing virtual desktops, we can provide you with the best possible integration support and connect virtual desktop infrastructure environments to your existing network.

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We provide you with a Windows Virtual Desktop environment as a service that you can use on a turnkey basis. You can completely transfer the operation of your virtual desktop applications to us.