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Test the platbricks Warehouse Management

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Get to know the cloud-based platbricks Warehouse Management in practice and try out the module over a period of 14 days in our free demo system. Set up your warehouse with your individual master data and keep track of all processes in the warehouse. Also, use our platbricks app, which you can download for free from the Google Play Store, to perform the various processes. After the test period of 14 days your access data will be deleted automatically. 

Profit From

simple, clear and flexible dialogs
the interaction of mobile processes and control station in real time
independent management of master data, such as location, employees and articles
integrated training material for simple and efficient initial training
the expandability of the modular system
the multilingualism of the WMS

Go through the following steps in the demo system

In our demo system, we have prepared four inbound deliveries for you. In a later scenario, the inbound deliveries are usually imported into the system via interfaces.

Goods In

With the goods receipt, you create stock in the system.


In the next step, store, you move stock from the goods receipt area to a storage bin, such as a picking bin.


If the picking storage bins empty, you post additional inventory from the replenishment storage bins to the picking storage bins as part of the replenishment process.


Create picking orders and then pick them via the Android app, for example.

Goods Out

With goods issue, the stock in the system is reduced and you load the demo cartons and demo pallets onto the waiting truck.

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platbricks Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management from platbricks is a modern and modular WMS that grows with the requirements of your logistics. By using the private business cloud of Microsoft Azure, you benefit from the highly available networks of our technology partner. So you enjoy the flexibility, scalability, short response times and low IT costs of the cloud.

At the same time, platbricks WMS offers simple and clear user interfaces to avoid errors in the process. Different systems can be integrated into the platbricks WMS regardless of manufacturer. The software is IoT-compatible and mobile-ready. Due to the manufacturer and device independence of the process apps, you can decide at any time in which process which device is best suited. In addition, the platbricks WMS dashboard offers two possible analysis functions.

platbricks® - Smart Logistics Unlimited

platbricks® - Smart Logistics Unlimited - Image Film
platbricks® Video

It’s not easy to digitalize business processes from start to finish, avoid stand-alone solutions, and prevent complexity all while staying within budget. What do you need to get rid of the “not” in that sentence? A platform with standard interfaces to ERP/WMS systems, a control center with real-time capability, expandable process logistics and configuration options, incredibly simple-to-use apps with state-of-the-art user interfaces, and fully billed as software-as-a-service.

There are still numerous digitalization gaps and paper-based processes in logistics. A few examples of where there is potential for change include the desktop computers in goods receipt, a lack of storage space management in production, and paper-based picking and replenishment processes.

We have developed just the thing to meet all these requirements: platbricks®. This is a digital, modular system that can be used to orchestrate departmental and companywide logistics processes, as well as to execute these processes in a mobile way via smart wearables.

Your Contacts for platbricks Warehouse Management

Michael Dreimann
Michael Dreimann
Expert for Logistics IT
Bernd Jaschinski-Schürmann
Expert for Logistics IT
MA_Commerce_Pascal Leppich
Pascal Leppich
Expert for Logistics IT

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