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Many repetitive or time-consuming activities often slow down internal or external or external processes in logistics. For example, when information has to be retrieved or systems have to be regularly checked and monitored. monitored on a regular basis. Chatbots are a good way to automate certain processes. 

That's why we at Arvato Systems have developed a platform that allows our customers to create and operate precisely such digital solutions themselves - while continuing to use their existing hardware and software.

Test Now 14 Days for Free

Get to know the platbricks® chatbot platform in our free demo system over a period of 14 days and use the five bots provided. You can chat independently with the bots and adapt or extend them according to your needs. With the help of the provided QR codes, you can also use the individual bots with mobile devices. Additionally, you can also create your own chatbots and design them from scratch.

Get an overview of the numerous possibilities the chatbot platform offers you and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to activate additional functions. After 14 days, you have the option to extend the trial period. Otherwise, your access data will be deleted automatically.

Benefit From:

A selection of pre-built chatbots for various use cases
An intuitive interface to easily create your chatbots
The integration of a web chats to test chatbots via QR code on a mobile device
A graphical user interface to design dialog sequences
An intuitive FAQ overview to create FAQ chatbots easily and quickly
A learning function to optimize chatbots based on usage data

Discover and Test the Following Chatbots in the Demo System:

  • This FAQ chatbot answers a wide range of questions about human resources (salary, vacation, etc.) for a company's employees. Such a chatbot relieves the employees of the HR department, who can thus concentrate on more important tasks.

  • This chatbot helps customers, for example, to properly assemble the delivered shelf. A QR code on the packaging takes the customer directly to the chatbot and they can start directly with the instructions for assembling the shelf. The chatbot can also help with queries about individual steps and accept feedback on individual steps or the instructions.

  • This chatbot can help truck drivers book a loading bay for a desired period. In this way, long waiting times and traffic jams can be avoided. Via a QR code, the truck driver can go directly to the chatbot to select the location, a ramp, and a time. The booked time is recorded in the external yard management system.

  • This chatbot guides employees through the inventory process to record stocks at various storage locations. By using any mobile devices, the inventory can be facilitated and accelerated by scanning barcodes, for example. The recorded quantities are posted in the external WMS system.

  • This chatbot guides truck drivers through a hazardous goods form, asking only the necessary questions depending on the answer. After completing the query, the user must sign the form with the integrated signing function and receives the completed and signed form as a PDF in the chat or (if desired) also by e-mail.

About Our platbricks® Chatbot Platform

platbricks® Chatbot Platform

Via the chatbot platform of our cloud-based logistics solution platbricks®, chatbots can be intuitively created and maintained to optimize and digitize processes. Whether speech processing, dialog guidance, channels or learning data - everything that is necessary is found in one platform.  Even without programming skills, chatbots can be created and published quickly and easily. Direct feedback from users creates new learning data that enables continuous optimization.

Integration is possible, for example, in the following channels:

  • Website (webchat)
  • Telephone
  • SMS
  • Telegram
  • Facebook
  • MS Teams
  • Alexa
  • Cortana
  • etc.

The integration of external systems/data sources is also conceivable and allows communication with third-party systems. Dialog guidance (logic) can be developed via graphical editor and integrated intelligent as well as natural language processing is also available. Users with advanced programming skills can also access any level of complexity through FaaS integration.

platbricks® - the Cloud-Based Modular Logistics Platform

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platbricks® Video

Digitizing business processes end-to-end, avoiding isolated solutions, preventing complexity, and staying within budget? Not that easy! What do you need to eliminate the "not"? A platform with standard ERP/WMS systems interfaces a control center with real-time capability, expandable process logic, and configuration options, easy-to-use apps with state-of-the-art user interfaces, and 100% software-as-a-service billing.

There are still numerous gaps in digitalization and paper-based processes in logistics. Stationary PCs at goods receiving, a lack of storage location management in production, or paper-based picking and replenishment processes are just a few examples of the potential for change.

We developed platbricks® for this purpose: A digital modular system that can orchestrate internal and cross-company logistics processes and execute them on the move with smart wearables.


Optimization of the supply chain

Optimizing the supply chain is a crucial element for competitiveness and customer satisfaction. By using digital technologies and intelligent software solutions, such as those offered by Arvato Systems with platbricks®, process efficiency and transparency can be increased. This leads to seamless integration of your supply chain components, reduces complexity, and enables flexible adaptation to dynamic market conditions.


Increased transparency and control

Increased visibility and control in the supply chain are essential for proactive management and risk minimization. platbricks® from Arvato Systems provides a real-time overview of all processes, enabling significantly improved decision-making. This transparency allows companies to identify bottlenecks at an early stage, increase delivery reliability, and improve customer satisfaction. At the same time, the increased control enables more effective resource planning and utilization, which helps to optimize the total cost of ownership.


Scalability and flexibility

The modular structure of the logistics platform allows it to be tailored to specific needs, while the flexibility of the solution supports a rapid response to new challenges and opportunities. With platbricks®, companies always remain agile and competitive in a constantly changing market environment.

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