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Free Assessment of Your IT Infrastructure

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Modernize Your IT Infrastructure with Amazon EC2 Servers

The AWS Cloud offers many advantages, including very high availability, redundancy, high security standards and automatic scalability at the push of a button. These advantages come into play especially when only the part of the infrastructure that is absolutely needed is deployed in the cloud.

But do you know which resources are needed and where resources are oversized?  We bring light into the darkness!

Using our free assessment, we identify virtual as well as physical hardware that is currently too large and can be downsized and which is over-licensed, including Windows servers. We will show you how to reduce the cost of your IT infrastructure and increase availability by migrating your IT infrastructure into the cloud.

The assessment covers all your workloads. Following the assessment, you receive the results for further processing and can determine the next steps. 

Benefits of Migrating Your It Infrastructure to the AWS Cloud

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Migration of Microsoft Workloads

Licenses are a significant factor in IT costs - and often too high.

With our assessment, we solve two challenges: Oversizing and overlicensing.


EC2 Virtual Servers

Global AWS resources enable you to deploy your Windows application quickly and with optimized latency. 

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AWS Managed Microsoft AD

AWS AD provides a complete AD that saves you the time and cost of managing your on-premise infrastructure. 

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RDS SQL Server

With RDS SQL, processes such as backup or patching are handled by AWS, you only care about your data.

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