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Azure Migrate & Modernize Program (AMMP) | Successful migration to the cloud

Azure Migrate & Modernize (AMM)

Successful migration to the cloud

The Key to Successful Digital Transformation

Rapidly advancing digitalization requires a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure. The Azure Migrate and Modernize (AMM) is an innovative solution from Microsoft that helps companies migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud and modernize their applications. This comprehensive platform offers a variety of tools and services to simplify and accelerate the entire migration process.

Benefit From Financial Support From Microsoft

Microsoft offers generous financial support for qualifying projects from companies that choose the Azure Migrate and Modernize Program. This includes financial incentives, resources, and world-class support to ensure a smooth and successful transformation.

Our experts at Arvato Systems guide you through the entire migration process and offer customized solutions for your specific requirements. As a long-standing Microsoft Solution Partner, we go through the AMM nomination process together with our customers at Microsoft. Qualified projects receive powerful tools and financial support to make the journey to the cloud secure, efficient, and cost-effective.

Learn How to Achieve Your Business Goals With the Benefits of Azure Migrate and Modernize

Efficient migration

Seamless transfer and smooth transition of your data and applications to the secure Azure cloud

Application modernization

Optimizing your existing applications for maximum performance and efficiency.


Adaptable solutions that keep pace with the growth of your business.

Security and compliance

Ensuring data security and compliance with industry-specific regulations through first-class security and compliance mechanisms.

Cost optimization

Optimize your resource utilization and thereby reduce operating costs.

Customized solutions

Benefit from customized strategies that fit your individual requirements.

Your Journey to the Cloud With Azure Migrate and Modernize - Our Approach:

Analysis of the initial situation and planning

Start your journey with a brief analysis of your current IT infrastructure. Our team of experts will support you in identifying the workloads to be considered as part of the assessment. Learn the background to how Azure Migrate performs a comprehensive analysis of your existing infrastructure to obtain a valid database.

Collecting workload data with the Azure Migrate tools

Together with your IT, we install Microsoft's analysis tools to collect workload utilization data, which forms the basis for subsequent recommendations.

Analysis and recommendations

In the next step, we analyze the data to model individual cost and optimization scenarios. Based on the results, we plan the next steps together.

Azure Migrate and Modernize Program

Ready to take the next step into the future? Contact us today to discuss your Azure migration strategy. Let's transform your business development and drive innovation together.

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ArvatoSystems_MA_Gerhard Eujen
Gerhard Eujen
Expert for Application Modernization