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Maturity Model: How Mature Is Your E-Commerce?

Whitepaper: B2B E-Commerce Maturity Model

Our "B2B E-Commerce Maturity Model" supports you in evaluating your status quo and developing a roadmap.

Whitepaper: E-Commerce Maturity Model

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Digital Transformation in B2B E-Commerce

B2B E-Commerce Maturity Model (Matrix) - Arvato Systems

E-commerce has been undergoing an exceptionally dynamic transformation for years. Driven by online retailing with its enormous product range, sophisticated customer experience features and fast delivery, a very high level of expectation has developed.

This is increasingly true for B2B e-commerce as well. We have developed a special B2B e-commerce maturity model to help you determine where you stand and thus create an optimal basis for developing a transformation roadmap:

Our whitepaper shows & explains a useful matrix that supports you in planning the next transformation steps.

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Executive Summary
B2B Sales in Changing Times
Business Transformation in B2B E-Commerce
How to Determine Your E-commerce Maturity Level
How to Master Your B2B E-commerce Business Transformation
Three Essential Functions in B2B E-commerce

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