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Let Us Introduce You to VAREDY

Did you know that while security vulnerabilities have become commonplace in the digital world, organizations with fully deployed security automation spent 80% less on data breaches than companies without?

Powered by Arvato Systems, the VAREDY vulnerability management platform allows you to streamline your vulnerability management processes and efficiently remediate vulnerabilities as they occur, resulting in less time and money spent to mitigate risk. 


Traditional vulnerability management tools use a “needle in a haystack” approach, pinpointing only the most critical vulnerabilities within a large data set. VAREDY cuts through the noise of all that data to determine the root cause and get to the essence of how to solve these security issues. The vulnerability management platform then provides guidance based on best-practice remediation approaches that’ll help you minimize threats to your company’s vital data and business processes.

Here Are Actual Value Propositions VAREDY Can Bring to Your Organization:

  • Multi-vendor system integration allows the platform to work with your existing scan tools and ticketing systems, alleviating the headaches of integrating software of different vendors.

  • Fast onboarding and a plug-and-play setup mean your team has access to VAREDY from any browser, anywhere, with no need for additional system implementation and maintenance.

  • Automation makes transparent vulnerabilities as they occur, allowing for timely remediation, whereas manual risk management processes leave room for error. 

  • The “single pane of glass” view gives any company the ability to standardize the vulnerability management process across the board. 

  • Granular, role-based access lets you grant access to all the different process stakeholders based on the need-to-know and least privilege principle, so everyone gets the exact data access level required for their job.

Keep an eye on all your assets

Readily protect business-critical data.

Continue using tools you love

Easily combine multiple scanners and ticket systems into one unified platform.

Take control of your vulnerability management

Simplify and automate each step in the process, to save time and money. 

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See How VAREDY Can Transform Your Vulnerability Management Processes.

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