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Whitepaper „Digitalization Strategies in the Face of Global Challenges“

The role of digitization in addressing economic and social challenges

The Relevance of Digitization Strategies in the Face of Current Challenges

In the last three years, two significant events have changed the German economy. One was the pandemic, and the other was Russia's attack on Ukraine. Both have led to existing trends developing and spreading faster, such as the importance of sustainability for customers and legislators or supply chain dependency. At the same time, new issues, such as alternative work models and the energy crisis, have emerged.

IT and digital innovation can play a significant role in addressing the current global challenges.

The study, conducted by PAC in November 2022, examines the role of digitalization in addressing the  economic and social challenges mentioned above. For this purpose, senior IT and business unit managers from various industries were asked for their assessment of this topic.

In the white paper, read more about the study results and the relevance of digitalization strategies in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous context.

White Paper Topics

Digitalization in the face of global challenges
Status quo of transformation projects
Use of basic technologies
Use of innovation technologies
Requirements for external service providers

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„Digitalisation Strategies in the Face of Global Challenges“

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Kathrin Kleinschnittger 01032022 Duesseldorf copy
Kathrin Kleinschnittger
Senior Consultant Business Transformation