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SAP Security for a Trouble-Free Production

Functioning SAP security processes are the best defense

Whitepaper SAP Security. From A for Architecture to Z for Zero Trust

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SAP Security Is a Mandatory Requirement

There is hardly any other software that is indispensable for industrial companies as their SAP system. After all, it ensures smooth business operations and trouble-free production. It's hard to imagine what would happen if SAP were to fail in the event of a hacker attack such as ransomware or DDoS. Such an attack can have serious consequences - up to and including a complete shutdown of production - which could threaten the company's existence. It is even worse when CRITIS (critical infrastructures) fall victim to a cyber attack. Then human lives can be seriously endangered. For these reasons alone, SAP Security is a top priority. In your company, too?

SAP Security from a Single Source

Thinking about SAP Security in the architecture

Are you rebuilding your SAP system landscape? Seize the opportunity and establish effective SAP security measures at all network levels - as well as in the cloud.

Implementing maximum SAP security in operations

To ensure the highest level of SAP security during operation, clearly defined role and authorization concepts are required, in addition to measures on the network side and suitable tools.

Understanding SAP Security as a business process

Benefit from sustained high SAP security by understanding IT security as a business process to be modeled, controlled, monitored, and optimized.

Using Microsoft Threat Monitoring for SAP

Whether you run your SAP system on-premises or in the cloud, Microsoft Threat Monitoring for SAP consolidates data from log sources and makes it available for analysis.

Obtain MDR services from an experienced CDC

Rely on the professional managed services of our expert Cyber Defense Center (CDC): from data correlation to alert monitoring and incident response.

A holistic approach to cyber security

SAP security is just the beginning. Cybercriminals aim to cause the worst possible damage. That is why taking a holistic view of cyber security is essential.

Our Managed Services for SAP Security - Your Benefits

Development of an individual MDR concept (Managed Detection & Response)
Integration of the required security tools into your IT infrastructure
Linking of sensor technology with all relevant SAP systems
Monitoring and evaluation of incoming alerts - even 24/7 if desired
Data correlation in a SIEM system like Microsoft Sentinel
Initiation of defined ad-hoc or situation-specific incident response measures
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SAP Security cannot be bought for any amount of money. The best tools are ineffective if there are no processes that a CDC can help implement, for example. The experts continuously analyze the alerts and notables as part of a professional MDR service and take measures as needed. Sustainably high SAP security is the result of a holistic approach and process-based implementation.

Your Contacts for SAP Security

Christine Niehage
Expert for Security Services
Profilbild Carolina Loew
Carolina Loew
Expert for Security Services