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Play It Safe in Your Microsoft Environment

Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop

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Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop

Increase Your IT Security with the Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop

Microsoft 365 is part of the standard technological repertoire in many places. Due to their widespread use, the included business solutions are the focus of many cybercriminals. Against this background, knowledge of possible threats and vulnerabilities is crucial to initiate effective defensive measures and protect one's own Microsoft infrastructure from hacker attacks. Microsoft offers a range of integrated security tools out-of-the-box for this purpose. But which ones are there? How do they work? And where are the dangerous gaps in your Microsoft environment? You can find out in the Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop.

As a long-standing Gold Security Partner of Microsoft, we conduct the Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop together with you in your productive environment. Microsoft provides the necessary test licenses for this purpose so that we, as an experienced Managed Security Service Provider, can activate the required security tools within your Microsoft 365 infrastructure. Your advantage: During ongoing productive operation and without affecting your employees, you receive valuable insights into your Microsoft security - optionally even in real-time via a descriptive dashboard.

Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop - Our Approach for Your Microsoft Security

Kickoff meeting

Your Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop begins by taking an overview of the state of your Microsoft security.

Tool rollout

We unlock and configure tools such as Defenders for Endpoint, Identity, Office and Cloud Apps, and Azure Identity Protection.

Data collection

Over up to three weeks, the unlocked tools collect security-related data within your Microsoft environment.

Threat analysis

We evaluate the generated data, create a risk score and evaluate the potential threats according to their criticality.

Presentation of results

We transfer the analysis results into an insightful report and present the individually derived learnings to you.


Thanks to practical recommendations, you can directly fix the identified threats and vulnerabilities and thus increase your IT security.

Normal operation

Upon completing the Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop, we restore your IT system environment to its original state.

In the Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop, You Will Learn,

the extent to which your Microsoft 365 environment is secured against hacker attacks
whether there are security vulnerabilities about email, identities, and data
how you can detect and close any vulnerabilities
how to prioritize potential cyber threats
which integrated Microsoft 365 features you can use for this purpose
how you should strategically approach the topic of Microsoft Security in the future

Frequently Asked Questions about the Threat Protection Workshop

  • Who should attend the Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop?

    The Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop is designed for security decision-makers such as Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), Chief Information Officers (CIO), Chief Security Officers (CSO), Data Protection Officers, Data Governance Officers, IT Security, IT Compliance, and IT Operations professionals, and Data Governance professionals.

  • What are the prerequisites for attending the Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop?

    The Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop is suitable for companies with a Microsoft 365 tenant and at least 500 Microsoft licenses. In addition, the data-collection security tools must be installed on around 100 devices.

  • What is a Managed Security Service Provider?

    Embedded in a Cyber Defense Center, a Managed Security Service Provider monitors and manages security-relevant infrastructures, systems, and devices - as an external service and optionally around the clock.

  • How does a Cyber Defense Center work?

    A Cyber Defense Center (CDC) is a group of experts - usually external - that protects not only the IT infrastructure but also systems, end devices, and data against threats by integrating, monitoring, and analyzing all security-relevant systems and, in the event of an attack, introducing predefined ad hoc measures or deriving recommendations for action in line with requirements (situational awareness).

Your Contacts for the Microsoft Threat Protection Workshop

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Expert for Security Services
Profilbild Carolina Loew
Carolina Loew
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