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White Paper AI in Logistics - Visual

White Paper "Artificial Intelligence in Logistics

How to Leverage the Potential of AI to Optimize Your Processes

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“Artificial Intelligence in Logistics”

Using the Potential of AI Sensibly in Logistics

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Artificial Intelligence was nothing more than a fashionable or a hype topic for a long time. In the meantime, AI has become a serious application capable of taking efficiency, quality, and productivity to a new level across many industries and processes.

AI combines historical and current data while recognizing correlations and anomalies. Thus, AI can draw conclusions that are usually not achievable by humans. This way, processes can be continuously optimized using AI, and problems can be prevented in advance. The benefits of AI also apply to logistics. The industry has recognized AI‘s potential for processes in the warehouse and on internal and external transport routes.

This White Paper describes the importance of AI for the logistics industry, presents some use cases, and provides tips and guidance on what to consider when implementing AI solutions.

White Paper Topics

AI in Logistics - Why and Wherefore
How Does Artificial Intelligence Work
Use Cases for AI in Logistics
How to Realize Your First AI Application
Basic Process of AI Projects

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