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Smart Data Handling with AI

Here's how you, as a utility, use the treasure trove of data 

Use Case
Our Services

​​Data handling is becoming an ever greater challenge for utilities. Data volumes are increasing due to the fact that new generation plants are constantly being integrated into the system, and on the other hand, additional consumers are coming into play. This leads to a large number of additional data points with associated data flows. Another key growth driver lies in increasing process automation, driven by the ubiquitous shortage of skilled workers. 

​To gain added value from this treasure trove of data, clever strategies are required. With our AI solutions, meaningful correlations can be identified even in huge data sets and alternative courses of action can be derived.​ 

Optimization of Energy Business Processes

Your Challenge

​​As a utility company, you already hold a large amount of data. However, this data is often available in different data pools, in uneven data quality, with unclear uses and only in unregulated access. In addition, there are not yet any AI processes to work with this treasure trove of data or to set up at least partially automated processes.​ 

The Target Vision

​​​The utility company has a high-performance data lake in which all relevant business process data is stored in a validated manner and uniformly maintained with regard to data protection regulations. Based on this information, AI systems are then developed that enable efficient optimization of business processes.​​ 

Our Solution

​​Our experts accompany you on your way into the sovereign data economy. With our IT solutions around data lake, data governance, data warehousing, and AI, we offer the optimal construction kit to develop your individual solutions. To this end, we rely on best-of-breed solutions from Microsoft, Google, and SAP, among others.​ 

Advantages for You as an Energy Supplier


enefit from the fact that  your data isand available with maximum utilization potential for your business processes and control.​ 


​​Concentrate on your business activities. We lay the foundation for secure data storage and compliance with legally compliant requirements when handling your data.​ 


​​Be able to provide information on individual partially or fully automated business processes at the push of a button and at any time.​ 


​​Start with smaller completed projects and then scale up to more extensive business processes or areas. Let your IT systems grow with you.​ 


​​Rely on our specialist and IT expertise in the processing and preparation of business data - from consulting and über tool selection to configuration and operation.​ 

​​Value-added services​

​​Use your business data and the AI solutions built on it to provide your customers with new value-added services related to their products.​ 

Our Services for Your Success

  • We transform your existing databases and data warehouses into state-of-the-art data and AI platforms that offer you a wealth of opportunities to optimize your business processes. Benefit from faster and more effective data access as well as intelligent analysis and forecasting functions.

  • ​​​Automatically process your business data to make it fully usable for your business processes and control. We create the , daso that  your data is optimally processed and prepared to enable you to use it effectively.​​ 

  • Our experienced experts work with you to analyze your business processes and identify the best AI use cases for your company. In doing so, we make sure that these are not only technologically sensible, but also economical. We then pilot the selected use case and test it under real conditions. After successful testing, we integrate it seamlessly into your productive environment. In the process, we make sure that the implementation runs quickly and smoothly. 

  • Energy suppliers face the risk of customer churn, which jeopardizes sales and customer loyalty. However, by using artificial intelligence in churn management, they can make more accurate predictions about the likelihood of churn. On this basis, tailor-made offers and support models can be developed to retain customers and attract new ones. Use your customer data effectively to identify future willingness to churn and manage your business successfully.

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