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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure from the Cloud

More flexibility with virtual desktops from the cloud

Do you want to enable work independent of location, time and terminal device? This is possible by virtualizing your desktop environment in the cloud. 

We help you to provide virtual desktops and applications via the cloud on any device anywhere. Talk to us! 

Use Cases

Remote and Mobile Working

Quick and easy access to enterprise applications and data for mobile and remote workers by providing a cloud desktop.

"Bring Your Own Device"

Easy and secure access to applications and data across multiple and changing devices.

Persistent Desktops for Educational and Laboratory Environments

Provide persistent desktop and learning environments that are tailored to the needs of users and have all the necessary materials.

Rapid Integration for Mergers and Acquisitions

Quickly integrate new users through fast, easy and secure access to enterprise applications and data.

More about our Solutions and Services for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure from the Cloud

Amazon WorkSpaces

Work remotely with Amazon Web Services' cloud-based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution.

Google Cloud with Citrix

With Citrix Cloud and Google Cloud Platform, you give your employees the flexibility to work remotely.

Your Contacts for Cloud & Data Center Services

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