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Managed Workloads

Customized Services for Managed Workloads in the Cloud

The Arvato Systems Cloud Foundation provides the right home and basic infrastructure for the professional, secure, and highly available operation of workloads in the cloud. We have already put together the right foundations for your quick start or your modernization in the cloud, we have already put together the right foundations for you based on our experience. We set up your dedicated workload types in the cloud with a perfect fit quickly and easily, and migrate, optimize and operate them according to modern standards.

Let Us Operate Your Workloads in a Modern Way as a Managed Service Provider

Flexible scalability

Workloads that run and are optimized on the Cloud Foundation scale flexibly. Get reliable performance on demand in seconds.

Stable IT operation

Workloads running on the Cloud Foundation are stable. Ensure high availability whenever and to whatever extent you need it.

Professional protection

Workloads running on Cloud Foundation are professionally secured. Get comprehensive, on-demand protection for your workloads.

Demand-based billing

Workloads operated on the Cloud Foundation generate costs according to the effort. Benefit from the pay-as-you-use principle and relieve yourself of investment costs.

Our Managed Services at a Glance

Single VM IaaS+

For customers who want to move their workloads from the data center to the cloud quickly and easily: We migrate, implement and operate individual virtual machines in the cloud or on the Arvato Systems Cloud Foundation. We provide the operating system (e.g., Windows, Linux) and the primary server management (backup, patching, monitoring, etc.) via state-of-the-art cloud-native services.

Your advantages:

  • Partially automated operation
  • Scalability through the multiplication of VMs


For customers who want to partially modernize and increase the security level of their workloads through optimization and customization using cloud-native/PaaS services: We migrate, implement and operate VM-based workloads in the cloud or on the Arvato Systems Cloud Foundation and implement initial optimizations by outsourcing components such as databases, storage, etc. to cloud-native services/PaaS.

Your advantages:

  • Increased level of security
  • High availability and resilience of PaaS services
  • More flexible scalability of PaaS services

Immutable VM

For customers who want to ensure availability and stability for their workloads. We migrate, implement and operate workloads in the cloud or on the Arvato Systems Cloud Foundation using Immutable Virtual Machines.

Your advantages:

  • Significantly increased security level (through CI/CD)
  • High availability for the entire system
  • Improved resource utilization
  • Increased scalability

Container Platform & Workloads

For customers who want highly efficient and flexible use of their workloads. We deploy and run container workloads in Kubernetes clusters based on a container platform.

Your advantages:

  • Fully automated operation/ Reduced effort
  • Significantly increased security level
  • High availability for the entire system
  • Immediate scalability of individual applications or application elements
  • Highly efficient use of resources
  • Excellent expansion possibilities


For customers who want to take full advantage of the cloud for their modern workloads. We implement and operate modern applications as cloud-native serverless workloads in a serverless environment with automated operations.

Your advantages:

  • Fully automated operation/ Reduced effort
  • Pay-as-you-use
  • Maximum security level through cloud-native Resolut
  • High availability for the entire system
  • Immediate scalability
  • Highly efficient and dynamic resource utilization
  • Excellent expansion possibilities
  • Particularly sustainable because energy is only expended when there is a demand for the workload

Managed Workloads: Our Customized Services - Co- And Full-Managed Services

It doesn't matter if you want to leave the operation completely or only partially in our hands. We offer you the opportunity to decide how much service you want to use from us, depending on your workload. Enter into an exchange with us.

Your Benefits with Managed Workloads

Avoid system failures and the associated loss of revenue
Protect yourself professionally against cyber attacks
Reduce the workload of your specialists and avoid staff shortages
Avoid long loading times for employees and end customers and improve the user experience
Avoid oversizing and reduce investment and maintenance costs
Work according to the latest findings - state of the art

Frequently Asked Questions about Managed Workloads

  • A workload is an abstracted service unit of an IT system that fulfills a specific task or economic benefit for the company. It can consist of one or more assets, services, or resources (e.g., servers, databases, user management, etc.). Workloads can include all the components needed to run an application or application in the cloud. Enterprises typically have a range of workloads, from small, simple workloads to more complex workloads.

  • What is a virtual machine?

    A virtual machine (VM) replicates the computer architecture of a computer that exists in hardware or a hypothetical computer. Thus, a virtual computer offers the same functions as a physical computer. Virtual machines run applications and operating systems. Multiple virtual machines can run simultaneously on one physical computer.

  • What does Immutable VMs mean?

    Immutable Virtual Machines (VM) stands for the use of "disposable instances". Virtual machines are replaced instead of modified when changes are made on the basis of an image.

  • What is Container IT?

    A container packages an application and all the files required to run it. This includes, for example, the components: Code, runtime, configuration, and system libraries. At runtime, the container also receives its isolated portion of operating system resources such as CPU, RAM, disk, and network. This simplifies both the installation and operation of server applications and their management and distribution.

  • What does serverless mean?

    "Serverless" refers to a cloud-native model where apps can be built and run without managing servers. The servers are physically present but are separated from the app development. A cloud provider handles the server infrastructure's provisioning, management, and scaling. Once provisioned, serverless apps run on demand and can scale up or down automatically.

Your Contact for Managed Services

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