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Workload Automation with streamworks

Planning, maintenance, control and monitoring of IT processes

Management and Automation of IT processes

Use streamworks to plan, maintain, control and monitor all of your automatable IT processes. Your advantages: Your IT operations workload is reduced while quality and efficiency increase. Whether your workload accrues on-site or in the cloud, centralized automation can provide you with a broad range of benefits!


EMA Radar Report 2021

Read here how streamworks performs in the market analysis of workload automation products.


streamworks release 2021

Since 13/08/2021 the latest streamworks release is available for download in the customer portal.


Individual IT steps are linked to process chains in which time-based and logical sequences are mapped.

Because we're experts.


Minor adjustments or major changes can be made using a range of helpful templates – with minimal requirements in terms of time and materials.

Because simple makes sense.


All processes and jobs throughout the entire company are managed via a single point of contact (SPOC).

Because it should run like clockwork.


In time execution of processes is continuously monitored and logged in an audit-compliant manner.

Because security matters.

Your Benefits

Production control

Access to central documentation and orchestration of all business- and mission-critical scripts, programs, and (batch) processes.

Access to information

You have an overview of the most important aspects of ongoing production at all times. You can generate audit-compliant logs at the push of a button.

Business Cycle

All process steps in a daily business cycle are summarized in a virtual production day, allowing the necessary business sequences to be adhered.


You can make up-to-the-minute changes in an agile, traceable way without impacting your master data.

An eye to the future

It’s easy to avoid overtime work outside of office hours by planning and changing future production days or special production runs in advance.


Harmonize business and system maintenance times with optimum synchronization. Ensure that activities that disrupt each other do not run in parallel.



Process Logic

Preparation Skript Language

Process Templates


Batch Release Management

Best Practice Views


Joblog Parser

Self Service Portal

Central Joblog & Stream Run Journal


Planning: Configure streamworks via a central menu.

Whitelists or templates, which are later available as a pull-down menu in the stream definition, are generated for typical parameters like calendars, agents, or contact persons. You can install additional clients with separate data storage for users, agents, and streams within the base client in streamworks after initial setup.

One or more highly detailed, configurable roles are assigned to users for each client. Roles comprise rights to view or maintain objects such as calendars, agents, and streams as well as rights to implement single or multiple functions with these streams. The centrally created process parameters are available for you as a pull-down menu for every stream definition.

Planning: Use rule editors to intuitively define Process Logic.

File and file system events, numerous trigger events, process precursors, and file transfers are defined in a consistent, traceable way via standardized rule editors. streamworks contains numerous ready-to-use options to trigger event-driven or event-based batch processing. File and filing system events, numerous trigger events such as logical resources, predecessors, and command line interface calls complement the conventional calendar and time-based management options. These events can be combined with these options to map complex requests using logical links.

Planning: Integrated Script Language for individual modifications.

Anomalous changes, associated conditions, and individual business service requests can be carried out easily with the integrated Preparation Script Language (PSL). This very powerful language based on the open-source solution, LUA, which is easily understood, is interpreted during process or stream preparation if the up-to-date copies for the runtime environment are generated from master data definitions. Users (via Service Request) and external applications (via CLI) can add missing parameters to a batch start during this preparation by using a special dialog box. This allows them to trigger the start of processing.

Maintenance: Set standards and create templates for recurring requirements.

streamworks offers templates for recurring requirements and provides support for modifying them. This facilitates simple implementation of standardized e-mail delivery and standardized contents and processes. 

Text and e-mail messaging templates are centrally generated in streamworks and can be used multiple times and be centrally maintained. streamworks offers you the option of defining standard templates that can appear as a default when creating new job scripts in order to keep job script management as easy as possible. Additionally, pre-installed job script templates can be used when calling SAP, Java, VMware, and cloud interfaces.

Frequently used operating procedures or business processes can be standardized with this unique master/real concept. The master stream acts as a template for job networks that share the same properties and structures. In defining a new stream, you select a master stream as a template in order to generate a completely new job network, a ‘real stream,’ at the click of a button. The real stream can contain additional definitions. Subsequent changes that will affect all of a template’s real streams defined this way only need to be carried out once in the master stream. Afterward they are inherited by every real stream.

Maintenance: Versioning for efficient change management.

streamworks allows you to manage different versions of process chains (streams). It is also possible to create a planning version and several backup versions, in addition to the current production version. streamworks versioning enables you to conveniently manage batch releases, even within streamworks clients. In following, you can use it as an alternative to or in combination with export/import-based release management. 
If a new batch release comprises several streams, all the associated planning versions can be detected by a common flag in streamworks. You can also search by flag as a user and activate all planning versions for a planned deadline simultaneously.

Maintenance: Transport batches more efficiently than ever.

Transport new or modified stream definitions with export/import functions between folders, clients, or systems and carry out specific adjustments of transported definitions to the particular target environment.

You can carry out batch release management and staging easily and flexibly with streamworks. Separate your test QA and production environments with naming conventions, permissions, or versioning within a streamworks client, through logical separation when using multiple streamworks clients, or through physical separation using multiple streamworks infrastructures.

The design data of streams as well as referenced names and features of central system objects such as calendars, agents, severities, etc. are unloaded from the export/import wizards. Initially, a planning version of the stream is generated in the target clients when loading, which prevents an unplanned, premature startup.

Control: The right view for every issue.

The progress of ongoing jobs or file transfers, the status of agents, or runtime forecasts for planned streams are only a mouse click away. The incident view offers a single point of access for monitoring and making manual changes to the Workload Automation in streamworks.

The status of agents, fill levels, the processing of streamworks database queues, and the assignment of logical resources can be quickly and easily determined and modified. The completion level of ongoing file transfers or runtime forecasts for planned streams are only a mouse click away. The incident view offers a single point of access for monitoring and making manual changes to the Workload Automation in streamworks. All unplanned incidents are visualized there. All the options for analysis and error handling are directly accessible via a shortcut menu.

Control: Integrated File Transfer process including conversion.

Files are encrypted and transferred between streamworks agents without additional software. With streamworks, files can be converted into a range of different formats; standard file transfer options are also available.

The numerous file transfer options common to standard FTP protocols can be defined using the same intuitive menu navigation found in all streamworks jobs. When using streamworks agents, you no longer need to file SSH keys or maintain FTP clients and servers on computers, saving you a great deal of time. You can be well prepared for upcoming audits at the click of a button with in-depth logging of all transfers in the Stream Run Journal.

Control: Reading and analyzing results with the Joblog Parser.

Parser jobs (or analysis jobs) can be used to search log files from previous jobs for any given string of characters, which may trigger or prevent follow-up steps, depending on the results. 

streamworks gives you the option of incorporating a parser job into a stream. With the help of this job type, the joblog and/or job error log files from direct or indirect predecessor jobs in the stream can be searched for the availability of defined strings. The searched string is defined using Microsoft .NET regular expressions. Log data of normal and file transfer jobs can be searched. Depending on the results, return codes can be set for the parser jobs, which are then treated in customary form by the follow-up processes for the next stream/job management.

Monitoring: Self Service Portal for access anytime, anywhere.

With a web-based interface, you can access data from anywhere and at any time based on your user permissions, allowing you to monitor ongoing production.

The portal also contains information on the current progress of streams and reports with historical data. New business services are being introduced in order to better utilize the portal’s capabilities. These are special dialogs that allow you to use freely definable forms to provide a stream with input parameters and process it easily from the Web-based interface.

The Multi-Level Stream Chart presents a graphical representation of dependencies between several streams. In a number of ways, these dependencies are responsible for whether a job is executed or not. Existing dependencies can be identified quickly and easily on the basis of the Multi-Level Stream Chart. There is an appropriate report showing the precise location where this dependency is to be placed in the complex Stream structures, even for a new dependency to be defined. In the case of failure, the Multi-Level Stream Chart can be used to analyze causes and effects quickly.

Monitoring: Stream Run Journal and Joblogs for complete logging.

All information regarding automatic process control and manual changes or interventions is logged in a stream run journal in an audit compliant manner.

With streamworks, you maintain a constant overview. It doesn’t matter what system your jobs are running on: You can quickly, simply, and clearly display all information at a central location and even directly archive the information with a single click. The "streamworks" agent software automatically records all job processing incident data in log files so that a job’s start date, description, possible errors that occur, and other information are available for analysis. These log files are compiled centrally by streamworks and prepared for display with the user client.

Additionally, these files can be sent from streamworks as e-mail attachments. This data provides optimal support for debugging and error handling. streamworks gathers all information regarding automatic process control and manual changes or interventions in a stream journal in an audit compliant manner. This information is available via the user client and for archiving purposes each time a process is performed.

Monitoring: Integrated Report Engine for individual analyses.

streamworks automatically provides many different reports based on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). You can also easily define additional, individual reports.

This means other data sources can also be used for generating reports. All results can be exported in numerous data formats (*.csv, *.pdf, *.doc). There are different versions available to call a report:

    - Access through the streamworks user client
    - Access to the Report Server via URL
    - Sending reports through the Report Server’s subscription service

All the information that has been logged is available at the click of a button through the integrated reporting engine. Plus, it can be exported for archiving purposes.

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streamworks Controls Global SAP Processes.

Baloise Group

Cross-application Workload Automation in a multiclient environment.

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SBB Gains Control over Its IT Processes.


Maximum security thanks to Workload Automation with streamworks.

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From SAP R/3 to the comprehensive SAP Business Suite, we also support and host SAP applications and provide an array of services from our certified SAP Customer Competence Center to help you concentrate on your core business.

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