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Increase Your SAP security

With Microsoft Sentinel Threat Monitoring for SAP

Protect Your SAP Landscape With the World’s First and Only Detection Solution

SAP is part of the essential basic IT equipment for many companies. As an omnipresent backbone, the ERP system is necessary for smooth business operations in many places. If it were paralyzed in the event of a hacker attack such as a ransomware attack, this would have serious consequences - up to and including the failure of the entire operational technology (OT). As the first and only Microsoft partner, Arvato Systems' Microsoft Sentinel Threat Monitoring for SAP (previously: "SAP Connector for Microsoft Sentinel") enables data from extensive SAP landscapes to be consolidated in such a way that it is available in the cloud-native SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system Microsoft Sentinel for targeted processing and meaningful analysis.

Around 69 days
Hackers remain unnoticed in the network
Over 80% of attacks
occur via stolen or weak passwords
Around $ 44000
companies lose in attack case

State-Of-The-Art Technologies for Maximum SAP Security

The Microsoft Sentinel Threat Monitoring for SAP is an application installed on a Docker container that we upload to your SAP environment. It doesn't matter whether you run your SAP systems in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or On-Premises.

Get SAP Security Conveniently as a Managed Service






The connector links to about a dozen different SAP log sources and captures any data, which then flows into Microsoft Sentinel via an API.

Microsoft Sentinel correlates the data, evaluates it and generates appropriate alerts in the event of an imminent or acute threat.

At the same time, the security solution is flexibly adaptable: SAP and Microsoft have jointly defined more than 80 use cases that can be easily combined and extended with individual rules to meet your specific needs.

These standardized rules form the basis for fully automated SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) processes: When an alarm is received, an AI-based analysis of the event data collected across systems is performed.

Depending on the type of attack, predefined detection and/or response measures are then set in motion. The experts in our Security Operations Center (SOC) play a central role in this process: They not only constantly monitor the threat situation, but also the effectiveness of the measures initiated. They also work seamlessly with our experienced SAP specialists.

Managed SAP Security From a Single Source

First and only way to build effective detection capabilities in SAP
Combination of almost 90 ready-made use case scenarios according to requirements
Joint further development of these standards by SAP and Microsoft
Option to define individual rules in addition and to integrate them flexibly
Automatic detection and response, supported by SOC as a managed service
Interdisciplinary cooperation between SAP and cyber security experts
Securing the SAP landscape in the highly professionally managed cyber war

Keeping SAP Security High and Fighting Cyber Criminals

The cyber-crime industry is becoming increasingly professional. Hacker attacks have become a very attractive business. Criminals can, for example, simply rent ransomware for an extortion attempt that threatens their very existence. Against this background, conventional defensive measures, such as perimeter protection using firewalls, no longer offer sufficient protection - especially since there are more and more entry points for hackers due to home office work. What's more, until now it has been difficult to connect SAP to existing security solutions in order to identify and close vulnerabilities. In addition, in-house security experts often lack the necessary SAP expertise - and vice versa. Investing in the free SAP Connector on Microsoft Sentinel and the accompanying Managed Security Services is therefore an indispensable measure for ensuring smooth, trouble-free and secure business operations in the future.

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