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Avvia - Modern Managed Cloud IT from Arvato Systems

The Service Portfolio for High-Performance, Enterprise-Wide Managed Cloud IT

Avvia - Modern Managed Cloud IT

Cloud IT is already a reality in most companies. The advantages are obvious: easy scalability, better performance and flexibility. Modern cloud IT enables companies to adapt to the age of digitalization and it is no longer possible to imagine doing without it.

While cloud IT silos and stand-alone solutions have tended to develop in companies during the "trial and error" and "piloting" phase in recent years, there is now a growing need for cloud IT that can be deployed and rolled out across the entire company, that meets the standards and guidelines of the company organization and can be operated professionally. 

Avvia from Arvato Systems makes this possible. 

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Avvia stands for a modular system of modern services that enable rapid, company-wide entry into the cloud and roll-out in the cloud based on standards and best practices. In both development and operation, you benefit from the many years of experience of Arvato Systems and strategic partners such as Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft, which have been incorporated as best practices in the development of standards and templates and are constantly being further developed.

Benefit from the Modern Managed Cloud IT Service Portfolio “Avvia”

Fast and Efficient Setup of Enterprise-Wide Managed Cloud It According to Best Practices
Professional Managed Cloud IT Services by Workload Type in Co- and Full-Managed Model
End-To-End Support from Certified Cloud Experts
Expertise of Our Strategic Partners AWS, Microsoft and Google

Avvia Service Modules

Cloud Foundation

With Cloud Foundation, you lay the foundation for automated and secure operation of applications in the cloud. This enables you to quickly and easily scale an enterprise-wide cloud infrastructure based on best practice approaches.

Managed Workloads

The Arvato Systems Cloud Foundation provides the right home and basic infrastructure for the professional, secure and highly available operation of workloads in the cloud. Whether for your quick start or your modernization in the cloud, we have already put together the right foundations for you based on our experience.

Our Technology Partners

State of the art and always up to date: For many years, we have been working in a trusting relationship with a large number of technology and business partners. In this way, we bundle genuine expert know-how for the benefit of our customers. A team you can rely on.

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud
Arvato Systems Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Frequently Asked Questions about Avvia

  • Avvia is the construction kit for modern cloud IT from Arvato Systems. All components are designed to record a cloud journey according to holistic, independent and secure IT criteria. All modules and services are based on best practices and proven procedures as well as templates and thus enable a quick and easy entry into modern cloud IT on an enterprise scale, which at the same time can be individually and precisely designed due to its modularity.

  • The Cloud Foundation from the Avvia construction kit forms the basic module for modern cloud IT and allows companies to implement dedicated workloads precisely on it and operate them in a scalable manner. If a comparable cloud foundation is not yet available, the Avvia Cloud Foundation can be set up on common hyperscaler platforms as well as the Arvato Systems Virtual Private Cloud and can be individually adapted to company specifications in four design areas: Monitoring & Management, Identity & Access, Network & Connectivity and Security & Governance.

  • With Avvia, the principle of "as much individualisation as necessary and as much standardisation as possible" is followed. On the one hand, standard templates, best practices and automation techniques are used, but at the same time - where it makes sense and is necessary - individual leeway is provided. This enables an efficient and effective path to the cloud with a high level of security.

    On a technical level, Avvia maps complete IT landscapes as Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and maintains them in shared code repositories. This solution approach is ideally suited to the ever-increasing heterogeneity and constant modernisation of application landscapes.

  • Modern cloud IT should be rollable and scalable throughout the company to meet basic requirements. Case-related migrations and architectures should be avoided. With Avvia from Arvato Systems, you get quick and easy access toenterprise-wide roll-outable modern cloud IT that can be adapted exactly to your needs - where it makes sense to do so.

    You get a central standard for moving applications to the cloud that is quick and easy to set up, meets basic business requirements and policies, and leaves enough room for configuration based on the natural heterogeneity of the landscape at hand.

  • We offer our Avvia services unmanaged, sandboxed or self-managed, or managed, co-managed or fully managed by Arvato Systems.

  • The Avvia Sandbox is the optimal entry point for developers to try out modern cloud IT with Avvia without restrictions through e.g. policies. It is completely isolated from other environments and available for a defined period of time.

  • The provision in the co-managed service is initially carried out by Arvato Systems in the form of infrastructure-as-code (IaC). Changes can be made by the customer directly in the IaC. We carry out a quality check before deployment.

    The provision and operation of the fully managed service, on the other hand, is carried out exclusively by Arvato Systems in the form of infrastructure-as-code (IaC). Changes can be requested via Change Request.

  • Arvato Systems has been established in the cloud business for many years and maintains close partnerships with the leading providers in the market: Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft and SAP. From these, in-depth areas of competence and know-how have developed in relation to the respective platforms. In addition, Arvato Systems has also been successfully offering its own virtual private cloud, including services for more sensitive workloads, for several years. With this portfolio, Arvato Systems serves the cloud market with increasing demand and can also cover multi-cloud requirements in particular.

    Arvato Systems has recognised that this increasing need to make cloud IT operational across the enterprise in a structured and scalable way requires a comprehensive service portfolio that is made up of a custom-fit level of standardisation and automation, drawing on and delivering Arvato Systems' best practice experience from past cloud transformations.

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