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Tap the Potential of the Public Cloud With AWS

Integration and migration expertise in Amazon Web Services

We Drive Your Digital Transformation

Amazon Web Services' cloud platform is a versatile business platform and engine for digital transformation. Anyone who understands and uses the AWS Cloud as a pure data center leaves the significant added value of the cloud unused. 

We can help you to exploit the full potential of the AWS Cloud. We support not only migrating and running of enterprise IT workloads on the cloud, but also leverage intelligent cloud technologies to implement digital businesses and contunually optimizing these following a modern DevOps operating model. 

Faster, more reliable and business relevant

The requirements for IT projects have become increasingly demanding in recent years. Companies must deliver reliable and business-relevant results with their IT projects at ever shorter intervals. Arvato Systems supports companies in mapping the requirements of digital projects to AWS services and technoligies and implementing them using a modern highly itterative delivery and operations model.

Core Pillars






Entry & AWS Platform

Do you want to drive change and take advantage of AWS, but don't know how and where to start? Start your journey to the AWS Cloud leveraging our entry services:

  • TCO & Business Case
  • Training & coaching
  • Proof of concept & lighthouse projects

Migrationen & Cloud Project Management

Are you planning to migrate your SAP environment to S4, migrate your data center to the cloud or do you need an operational concept for your migration project? Rely on our many years of experience with SAP and data center migrations. With us you go safely into the cloud:

  • Discover & Align
  • Plan & Enable
  • Migrates & Operations

DevOps & Agile IT

Your IT is under high pressure to change and has to face new technologies, working methods and organisational restructuring? New ideas must be developed and delivered immediately in order to get feedback as quickly as possible? Agilize your IT with us:

  • Assessment & strategy
  • Cloud automation
  • Future cloud operation model

Operation & Managed Services

Already using Amazon Web Services and need to scale your team? Or would you simply like to focus on your core business? We can help you with that:

  • DevOps operations
  • Data center operations
  • AWS operations
  • Support & guidance
  • Agile governance 

Optimization & cloud native

You have already migrated your first workloads to AWS and want to optimize your architecture, reduce costs, or ensure governance? We can help with:

  • Cost Optimization
  • Well Architected Review
  • Application modernization

Successful Customer Projects

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Our Highlight Topics

Our Expert Teams for Your AWS Projects


Our employees are technologists with innovative and creative ideas who enjoy solving challenging problems and implementing sustainable digital solutions.

Our solution architects know exactly which framework fits best, which AWS service is best suited for the specific requirement, or which weaknesses and pitfalls these technologies have - not from theory, but from experience and daily practice.

The passion for new technologies on the AWS business platform unites our employees. We put together carefully selected expert teams for our customers - with know-how and skills for migrations, cloud native software development, DevOps as well as big data and machine learning.

Advanced Consulting Partner

Arvato Systems is a member of the AWS Partner Network and the AWS Advanced Consulting Partner for your projects.

AWS 50 Certified

Rely on our certified expertise for your project success.

Your Contact for Amazon Web Services

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