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Counterfeit Protection - Optimize Your Value Chain with Track & Trace

Counterfeit Protection with Serialization and Track & Trace

Successful optimization of your supply chain through serialization & traceability

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We Enable Real-Time Tracking of Your Products

Where's the food coming from? Is the luxury bag from the online trade an original? How can I, as a manufacturing company, optimise logistics processes for greater counterfeit protection and at the same time reduce process costs? 

With our serialization and track & trace solutions, we help you avoid replicas in your supply chain and create the necessary product transparency against counterfeits to protect your company and your consumers.

With Track & Trace you enable transparent traceability of your products within the entire manufacturing and delivery process (end-to-end). Be able to distinguish counterfeits from originals based on their origin, serial numbers and transport history.

Arvato Systems' end-to-end traceability creates more transparency in your business in real time. Benefit from our many years of expertise: A large part of our Track & Trace portfolio is already in use with a large number of customers. We will be pleased to advise you on the individual application possibilities of our IT solutions in your company.


The packaging of a product is provided with an individual serial number, which identifies the product as unique. A reliable tracking system must integrate production lines, partners, customers and suppliers.


The exact physical location of a product can be determined and retrieved at any time. On the basis of this information, processes can be optimized and unused capacities reduced, such as the planning of goods receipts and optimal replenishment processes.


The entire course of a product within the supply chain can be reproduced and traced. Traceability takes place from the end customer to the production or manufacture of a product for maximum transparency within the entire value chain.

Track & Trace Offers You These and Other Added Values

Significant reduction of process costs and expenses 
Optimization of Supply Chain Transparency
Maintaining product integrity and trust in my brand
Digitization allows you to efficiently redesign your processes
Improvement of delivery quality

References (abstract)


Application of the serialization solution Arvato CSDB at Basic Pharma.

Serialization: Efficient & Secure

Bausch & Lomb uses Arvato CSDB for serialization.

Protection for end users

Serialization for counterfeit protection: Arvato CSDB at Dr. Kade.

Counterfeit proof medicines

Implementation of Arvato CSDB - IT solution for successful drug serialization according to the Falsified Medicines Directive.

EU-FMD compliant

Genericon relies on serialization solution Arvato CSDB.

Medication safety

Successful serialization in medicine production with the help of Arvato CSDB.

Drug Protection

Pharma Stulln serialized with the Arvato CSDB.

Solution for Pharmaceutical Logistics

Arvato Systems uses logistics solution to fulfill FMD at Yusen Logistics.

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Stefan Moch
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