Backup Service for Microsoft 365 - The Cloud Solution for Protecting Your Modern Workplace Data

The comprehensive protective shield for your Microsoft 365 data

Backup M365 Data With Just One Solution - The Backup Service for Microsoft 365

The Digital Workplace Microsoft 365 data stored in the Digital Workplace is becoming increasingly important for companies - in this context, the integrity of the data also plays an important role. An unexpected loss can have a business-critical impact, whether due to human error or external cyberattacks.


The Microsoft 365 backup service from Arvato Systems guarantees fast and complete company data recovery. It offers high-speed backup and recovery times, automated backup procedures, and cross-identity ransomware protection. Get to know the Microsoft 365 backup service and see the benefits for your digital workplace for yourself.

The Advantages of the Microsoft 365 Backup Service

Protection of backup data through AI-based ransomware detection
Support for a Microsoft 365 disaster recovery scenario
A Microsoft-independent data backup in the Google Cloud
Integrated archiving option to fulfill retention obligations
Automated user management through integration with Microsoft 365 Entra ID management
Ad hoc recovery of data, including the Microsoft 365 structure, Reduced workload for the IT department thanks to a managed backup service
Automatic backup of data from employees who have left the company
Designed as a cloud-based and highly scalable SAAS solution

What Distinguishes the Backup Service for Microsoft 365?

Based on a cloud-based architecture and automated and proven SLA backup plans, you can back up your data at lightning speed. The cloud solution from Arvato Systems is designed for enterprise environments and can therefore be scaled up to 100,000 mailboxes at any time. Throttling mechanisms also offer a fast data restore.


An outstanding feature is the AI-based ransomware detection, which automatically protects your data and thus prevents your backup data from being manipulated. The high level of protection of your Microsoft 365 tenant identity is ensured by access via service accounts and differentiated identities. The integrated full-text search optimizes and accelerates data searches, while ad-hoc restoration of individual backup elements is possible anytime.

The Highlights of the Microsoft 365 Backup Service at a Glance


Two to three times faster than comparable solutions

Full text search

Search in all backup versions via integrated full-text search


Self-service portal for accessing your own backup data


Protection through the use of service accounts

Cloud flexibility

Microsoft independent backup in the Google Cloud

GDPR compliance

GDPR-compliant solution with data storage in Europe

Scope of the Backup Service for Microsoft 365

From SharePoint Sites and Teams Chats to important Azure AD attributes such as roles and Conditional Access policies - the Microsoft Backup Service backs up all your M365 data.

And the best thing? The attractive all-in-one price-per-user solution has an included storage capacity of 50 GB per user.

Exchange Online
Teams & Groups
SharePoint Online
OneDrive & OneNote
Entra ID

Find the Microsoft 365 Backup Service That Suits Your Company

Enterprise Support as self-service

With the Enterprise Support variant, you are responsible for administering and managing the self-service portal to which we provide access. You activate, configure and delete backup jobs, monitor and check backup processes and restore backups independently. You will also be responsible for carrying out regular restore tests.

Managed support from Arvato Systems

If you opt for the Managed Support option, Arvato Systems experts will take over managing the objects and services in the M365 Service Portal. The experts are responsible for configuring the backup and archiving policies, creating backup users and assigning them, and generally monitoring and checking the backup processes. If required, the experts can also assist with data recovery.

Questions and Answers About the Backup Service for Microsoft 365

  • A backup service is an external service that regularly creates backup copies of data to be restored in the event of data loss or damage. All data is backed up the first time our backup solution is activated. If you use the Microsoft 365 backup service from Arvato Systems, you decide how often the backups are created.

  • Backup as a Service is a service that supports companies with data backup and recovery. As an externally managed service, the IT service provider takes over the backup tasks so companies can concentrate on their core activities.

  • Even if data is stored in the cloud with Microsoft 365, it is not automatically protected against data loss. When using a cloud-based SaaS solution such as Microsoft 365, each customer is responsible for the integrity of their data. Data deleted intentionally or unintentionally in Microsoft 365 is transferred to a recycle bin, from which the files are automatically deleted after 30 or a maximum of 93 days, depending on the product. Restoration is then no longer possible. Additional protection against unwanted manipulation of Microsoft 365 data requires the company-wide use of specific Microsoft 365 backup procedures. Using a backup solution with integrated ransomware protection, anomalies can be detected early on, and cyberattacks on archive data can be prevented. A backup solution can also be used to restore data quickly and easily.

  • One advantage of storing your Microsoft 365 data with Google is that in the event of problems with Microsoft, the data is backed up with another provider, providing an additional layer of security. You can also log in to both platforms at any time and have access to your data.

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