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Microsoft Endpoint Management from Arvato Systems

For maximum efficient management of all devices in your company, we at Arvato Systems rely on Microsoft Endpoint Management from the Microsoft 365 package.

Flexible Management of your Devices and Applications with Microsoft 365

An IDG study from 2019 shows that 56 percent of the companies surveyed have experienced economic damage or unauthorized data access via internal endpoints. With professional endpoint management, you can detect such threats early, assign new types of attack patterns and initiate appropriate defense mechanisms. Control all devices and applications from your organization - whether desktop PC, tablet, or server. We explain the benefits of professional management of your devices for your company and the role played by the Zero Trust approach. 

As a traditional hosting partner, we have performed classic endpoint management for on-premises software solutions for many years. As a multi-cloud provider, we know and understand all relevant processes from modern cloud technologies. With a transformation to the cloud, the requirements for your endpoint management change. Do you lack the know-how for classic on-premises UEM or modern cloud-based UEM solutions? Then you've come to the right place at Arvato Systems. We use the intelligent Unified Endpoint Management from the Microsoft 365 package to manage your devices and applications. 

Endpoint Management is also worthwhile for your Company

Working in a dynamic working environment

For modern, digital companies with a dynamic working environment, endpoint management is particularly worthwhile because employees often also work via remote end devices. UEM software ensures the security of your company data across all devices and users.

Working from anywhere

Endpoint Management manages all applications, users, and devices from an organization's work environment - regardless of whether they are stationary or mobile endpoints. UEM software is suitable for companies that are distributed across multiple locations and whose employees work from the home office.

Working in the digital world

Professional security applications are necessary for your cloud-based IT infrastructure security, as cybercriminals attack according to ever new patterns. Endpoint Management provides data-based protection for both known and unknown forms of attack.

Services of the Workplace Enterprise Suite from Arvato Systems

Modern endpoint management for your cloud-based work environment

Microsoft's Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) provides you with unified management of all your company's endpoints. This includes all stationary and mobile devices from desktop PCs and servers to laptops and smartphones.

Cloud-based UEM represents a paradigm shift towards zero-trust security. Protective functions that were otherwise handled by the perimeter network are now shifted to your clients. Through software, clients reliably distribute your central policies to decentralized endpoints. At the same time, the cloud collects essential information about the clients to provide information about threats such as cyber-attacks and suitable defense mechanisms based on extensive data analyses.

Classic endpoint management for on-premises solutions

Do you operate your endpoints with an on-premises software distribution system and VPN clients? We know the processes very well and offer you an individual solution for your endpoint management - we advise you in detail based on your existing IT infrastructure.

Are you facing your workplace's digital transformation and would like to transform your classic Mobile Device Management (MDM) into a modern, cloud-based Unified Endpoint Management? With us, you will succeed in a flexible and seamless transformation to the cloud so that in the future, you can manage all end devices on which your workplace manifests itself uniformly and securely. 

Your advantages of Unified Endpoint Management with Arvato Systems

Extensive expertise through many years of experience in the provision of classic and cloud-based endpoint management
Expertise in cloud technologies as a multi-cloud provider
Unified, location- and device-independent management of all endpoints in your enterprise
Integration with related topics, such as identity management and security (zero-trust concept)
Consulting and coordination in the areas of distributor and provider management 
Individual consulting approach matching your IT maturity level
A high degree of reliability, security, and customer orientation 

Frequently asked questions about Endpoint Management

  • With Unified Endpoint Management, you protect your devices and applications from all sides. Your cloud-based working environment collects valuable data about the clients in your organization, which contributes to the early detection of threats. Big Data analytics can identify even unknown attack patterns and respond to them individually.

  • We have many years of experience in implementing and deploying endpoint management software. As a multi-cloud provider, we have extensive expertise in cloud technologies and understand the processes required to integrate UEM software into your cloud-based work environment.

  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager provides a flexible move towards Unified Endpoint Management to the cloud. The application includes co-managing your Windows environment through Configuration Manager and Microsoft Intune.

  • Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) adds other essential factors to the capabilities offered by Mobile Device Management (MDM). While the functions of MDM end with the management of devices and users in terms of compliance rules, UEM manages stationary and mobile devices, applications, content, users, and many other endpoints of an organization. Another solution between MDM and UEM is Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), which is also largely superseded by UEM. 

  • Unified Endpoint Management, or UEM for short, refers to software for the unified management of endpoints in an organization's IT environment. UEM is an essential component in the IT security of companies. The software is available for classic on-premises systems and the cloud-based workplace. 

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