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With the All-Inclusive Service Package to the TI

TI, but Safe: We Are the Partner for Digital Healthcare

Our All-Round Service Package


With Mein Zugangsdienst, we have put together a service package that leaves nothing to be desired and includes all the necessary technical components and services for a smooth connection to the telematics infrastructure (TI).

Together with our partner companies, we provide medical practices, clinics, physiotherapists, pharmacies, and nursing homes with all the services required for TI connection as a complete package.

As a service provider community, we have more than 10 years of industry experience in the field of eHealth and IT security. We have proven our competence, for example, in the trial project of the electronic healthcare card (eGK). By bundling our services, we are now supporting users with the next implementation step: The physical connection of all actors to the TI via Mein Zugangsdienst.

Advantages for medical practices & software manufacturers - this is why you can expect 100% from us

Optimized logistics processes
With our partners, the service providers on-site (DVO), we already look after over 50,000 service providers
More time for patients thanks to an all-round carefree package
Software manufacturers can create their offers for service providers

Our Services for Mein Zugangsdienst

Reliable & high-performance VPN access service for the connection of the connector

Provision of the BSI-certified connector

IT Service Management System (ITMS) according to gematik specifications

Operation in our data centers in Germany

Support via a service center (2nd and 3rd level UHD, 1st level additionally optional)

User training via state-of-the-art e-learning for knowledge transfer and testing of technicians & support staff

End-to-end logistic services

Frequently Asked Questions about Mein Zugangsdienst

  • What is a VPN access service?

    Using VPN (Virtual Private Network) access, a secure connection to the telematics infrastructure is established via the so-called connector. Providers of the VPN access service must be gematik-certified. Of course, Arvato Systems, together with its partners, fulfills this requirement as part of the “Mein Zugangsdienst” service package.

  • How much does Mein Zugangsdienst cost?

    The costs are covered under the financing agreement between the GKV Spitzenverband, the Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung (KBV), and the German Hospital Association (DKHG). Please contact your responsible organization for further questions.

  • What is the telematics infrastructure?

    The telematics infrastructure (TI) is the digital network of the German healthcare system. The term telematics is composed of the terms’ telecommunications and information technology. With the IT infrastructure used for this purpose, the TI forms a closed network that is intended to enable the digital and secure exchange of health-related data between all players in the healthcare system while complying with the highest data protection standards. It also provides the platform for digital health applications such as the eRezept (e-prescription) and the eAU (electronic certificate of incapacity for work).

  • The eHBA (electronic health professional card) is a card for medical professionals that enables secure access to the telematics infrastructure, or TI for short. With the help of the eHBA, the staff can access the data of the electronic health card of insured persons. In addition, it is possible to process various applications, such as the electronic medication plan, and to provide a qualified electronic signature with a time stamp. Access to the TI applications depends on the occupational group, but the ID card remains valid even if a person changes jobs, as it is personal. The eHBA can be issued in different types of ID cards, including the electronic dentist or pharmacist ID card.

    The application for an eHBA can only be made through approved providers. To apply, you must complete a five-step process, which you can view here.

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