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Successfully Mastering the Digitization of the Energy Transition

Flexible and dynamic rollout of smart metering systems with the MsbG amendment 

Use Case
Our Services

​​With the relaunch of the digitization of the energy transition (GNDEW), the legislature is pursuing the goal of accelerating the stalled rollout of smart metering systems (iMSys) as a secure data hub by cutting red tape and ensuring legal certainty. Costs are to be distributed more fairly in the future and competition strengthened. The new rollout quotas, device procurement and technical commissioning will be a challenge. 

​As an IT service provider and software supplier, we support the entire value chain in smart metering, making a significant contribution to the success of the digitization of the energy transition.​ 

The Operation of Smart Metering Systems (iMSys)

Your Challenge

​​Smart metering systems (iMSys) have been shaping the digital transformation in the energy industry for years and are essential for achieving the energy transition. However, the rollout of smart metering systems required for this has stalled badly and is now to be accelerated by adapting legislation.​ 

The Target Vision

​​Based on the know-how already gained in the course of the smart meter rollout, you as an energy supplier or metering point operator can, with our support, set up a complete infrastructure for the operation of iMSys that is cost-efficiently scalable and highly available.​ 

Our Solution

​​With our solutions for the operation of iMSys, we offer freely selectable modularity and an individual service package. The solutions include not only the secure operation of the IT systems and the rollout, but also comprehensive BPO services around smart metering systems.​ 

Advantages for You as an Energy Supplier


​​Rely on automated processes: We offer reliable tools for a smooth rollout of smart metering systems.​ 


​​We offer maximum security through various audits. In the event of a hacker attack, our SOC initiates appropriate response measures.​ 


​​Rely on the industry-specific and technical expertise of our experienced experts from the energy industry.​ 


​​Access your solutions easily and conveniently via an intuitive interface. With our strong partners, we ensure maximum availability and security.​ 


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Our Services for Your Success

  • ​​The metering point operator has a key role in the energy transition. He is responsible for the installation, operation, reading and maintenance of smart metering systems, other meters and additional equipment. The high demands require processes that can be highly automated. Our IT experts offer exactly the right solutions here.​ 

  • ​​From 01.04.2024, the previous e-mail practice in market communication will be completely replaced by the AS4 protocol. This will raise data exchange in the energy market to a new level of security. Our IT experts will support the changeover and provide all the components required for future market-compliant communication.​ 

  • ​​Our IT security experts provide professional Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR) tailored to the individual needs of utility companies. Additionally, our experienced IT colleagues are indispensable to monitor the IT infrastructures in a Cyber Defense Center (CDC) or Security Operations Center (SOC) 24/7.​ 

  • With our monitoring, analysis and control tool, plant managers are able to continuously monitor the efficiency and technical parameters of plants. They keep an eye on the key figures, which the system makes available in graphical form by continuously evaluating various measured values and status data from sensors. 

Your Contact for MsbG Amendment

Alexander Beck
Alexander Beck
Expert for Energy Industry Processes