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Transparency in Carbon Footprint Through Digitization

A Look Behind the Scenes at green.screen  

Intelligent IT for Maximum Transparency in the Carbon Footprint

green.screen from Arvato Systems is the IoT solution for in-depth operational sustainability management and active climate protection. The key to this lies in digitization. The automated and continuous receipt, processing and visualization of relevant measurement, sensor and other data creates maximum transparency in the carbon footprint. 

What Should You Know About the Technology and Operation of green.screen?

  • green.screen is provided as a software-as-a-service in the private cloud of Arvato Systems in a certified data center in Germany. 
  • The basic technology consists of well-known open source building blocks 
  • Arvato Systems developed the entire business logic itself 
  • The client works browser-based on the database management system Cassandra, a NoSQL technology that stands for high scalability, reliability and performance. 
  • green.screen can thus map very large data streams if required and process them quickly at the same time 
  • The platform knows no capacity limits 
  • green.screen is provided client-based 
  • Access requires two-factor authentication 
  • green.screen can be easily integrated into the existing IT infrastructure in the company 
  • AI tools can be added for deeper data analysis if desired. 

As you can see: Creating transparency in the carbon footprint is not witchcraft! Take advantage of Arvato Systems' IT and process expertise bundled in green.screen. This way, you can bring your corporate sustainability management to the highest level. The environment and your wallet will thank you. 

Your Contact for Technology and Functionality

Sven Ulrich
Expert for green.screen