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More than any other corporate department, marketing must be able to access data and assets quickly and easily - from images, photos, and graphics to customer-, product-, order- and production-specific information to sales and service documents. After all, the aim is to provide customers and prospects with precisely tailored content along their digital journey. However, in many companies, this data is not available for marketing. With professional API management, you can break down data silos: Use existing APIs efficiently, add new interfaces as needed, link systems seamlessly, and use data across systems. In this way, you increase the effectiveness of your measures, achieve your marketing goals, and increase your sales.

API Management Makes Data Usable

To create top-class digital customer experiences, you need consistent data and end-to-end processes. API management forms the technological basis on which you can link systems and develop new business models. This is how you satisfy customers and prospects along their digital journey.


With our API management solutions, you provide high-quality content across all channels and offer your clientele outstanding services. In doing so, you lay the valuable foundation for unique and strong customer relationships in the long term.

Strong sales

Synchronized data is available at all touchpoints via API management solutions. This enables you to communicate in a targeted manner and present your brand consistently across all channels. At the same time, sales cycles are shortened, and revenues increase.


With our API management solutions, you can connect your existing ERP, CRM, CMS, PIM, store, and other systems easily, quickly, and according to your needs. This way, you make data and assets usable not only for marketing but also for sales teams.


Thanks to API management, you can optimize your IT ecosystem and fully exploit its potential. Align existing APIs and integrate new interfaces. This saves you valuable resources and accelerates time-to-market.


API management forms the technological basis for seamlessly linking systems, creating end-to-end processes and developing new, innovative business models. This enables you to inspire customers and prospects along their entire digital journey.


We operate our API management solutions in secure cloud infrastructures that are customized to your business processes. As a result, you benefit from an increase in security, scalability, availability, agility and flexibility.

Legally compliant

Due to their architecture, our API management solutions are fully legally compliant regarding data protection and availability (privacy by design). So you can reach your customers on any device and in any country - without risking legal violations.


With our API management solutions, you synchronize your communication across all online touchpoints and automatically control all digital customer journeys. In this way, you ensure that your messages reach the recipients unerringly.


Our API management solutions allow you to maximize the benefits of your systems. Unlock valuable synergies by leveraging data and assets across tools. This way, you increase the efficiency of your processes and reduce costs at the same time.

API Management by and With Arvato Systems

Thanks to its many years of experience and specialist know-how, our team of experts can develop and practically implement a customized API management strategy for you. We...

provide us with an overview of your existing IT system landscape.
analyze existing interfaces down to the smallest detail.
design a custom-fit API management solution for you.
integrate it into your IT infrastructure and link relevant existing systems.
make any master and other data usable for marketing.
ensure optimal usability thanks to UX conception and UI design.
select suitable use cases and achieve convincing quick wins. 

Stable Partnerships for Your API Management

For professional API management, it is not even necessary to invest in costly custom developments. Instead, there are proven standard solutions on the market that we adapt to your individual needs, incorporate into your IT infrastructure and integrate with relevant legacy systems.

Our Partners


We have maintained a close partnership with SAP for many years. Whether SAP Customer Experience (CX) or SAP S/4HANA - with great passion and excellent know-how we help our customers to select, customize and implement the best SAP solution for them.


As a long-standing Microsoft partner, we cover a broad Microsoft portfolio and support our customers with consulting, transition, and individual services - from Azure and networked communication solutions to innovative platform services in areas such as Big Data and AI.

Google Cloud Platform

As a Google Cloud Platform Partner (GCP), we offer companies secure, flexible, and scalable Google Public Cloud Services for digital business. Beyond hosting and operation, the Google Cloud Platform provides integrated and flexibly combinable AI products and prefabricated AI solutions.

Amazon Web Services

As a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), we support companies using the global portfolio of AWS cloud services for their innovations, thus effectively accelerating their digital transformation. To this end, we founded the Arvato Systems AWS Business Group in 2017.

FAQ: API Management

  • An API (Application Programming Interface) is special software that allows different applications to communicate effectively with each other and exchange data seamlessly.

  • To integrate software solutions, develop marketing-specific applications, and improve the customer experience, API management is a great help. API management platforms allow information to be exchanged smoothly across system boundaries. Companies that use an API management platform can, for example, grant partners, suppliers, and developers access to specific functions and data. They can access information stored in the CRM, order management, or service portal via the front end. For example, they can personalize their website, offer their customers optimal online experiences, and thus improve their experience.

  • API management forms the technological foundation of professional customer experience management (CXM). APIs accelerate data uploading via interfaces, automate application-specific processes, and facilitate cross-system interaction within the API management platform. This improves the user-friendliness of websites and increases their speed and efficiency.

  • APIs offer two critical advantages over other CX solutions: they are flexible and adaptable. APIs enable companies to integrate different applications, platforms, and services seamlessly. This allows them to individualize the customer experience and meet the specific needs of their clientele. Thanks to their scalability, APIs support the rapid launch of new products, services, and functions. In addition, API management opens up the possibility to collaborate effectively with third-party providers and share data directly - which also benefits the customer experience. THEREFORE, an API management platform is a versatile and robust solution that helps companies strengthen customer loyalty and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Because of their versatility, API management solutions can be linked to most IT systems - depending on the available interfaces and documentation. Modern IT solutions are usually designed to support APIs. However, it is advisable to check compatibility and, if necessary, work with the system providers to ensure smooth integration.

  • Investing in an API management platform can be rewarding for companies. Through API management, companies expand their reach and customer network by giving developers, partners, and customers access to their media, services, or data. This fosters innovation and strengthens partnerships because it is also possible for external parties to develop new applications and integrations based on the APIs. In addition, APIs open up an additional source of revenue, as companies can monetize the provision of premium functions or access to the interfaces. Moreover, APIs increase the efficiency and agility of companies, as it is possible to integrate systems and automate processes seamlessly. To reap all the benefits, it is essential to consider the specific goals and potentials of one's own company when deciding on API management.

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