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“Alive" event platform as the basis for the BRIGITTE Academy

Customer loyalty via coaching offer "Masterclass Finance”

Brigitte Academy: Interactive Master Classes by Women for Women


As an additional source of revenue for the successful cross-media brand BRIGITTE, RTL Deutschland launched the "Masterclass Finanzen" of the BRIGITTE Academy as a coaching offer specifically for women. The technological basis is the "Alive" event platform from Arvato Systems.

Customer Benefits

Seamlessly integrated software for editors and program managers in "Alive”
Content and visual tailor-made landing pages thanks to module construction kit 
DSGVO-compliant and opt-in-based registration via mailing and newsletter

With "Alive" we can not only optimally stage our brand, but also efficiently publish content in an on-demand and at the same time live content platform. The jointly developed product exceeds all expectations!

RTL Publishing, Leben & Leute
Initial situation

The previous concept was focused on one-off events - but the recordings were not available on demand afterwards. RTL Germany planned to introduce a platform for hybrid events and provide multimedia content there.


The BRIGITTE Academy aimed to retain existing subscribers in the long term and win new customers with the help of the interactive "Finance Masterclass. With a wide range of paid content, it was intended to provide women with easy access to financial topics of various kinds.


Each "Masterclass Finance" includes various content formats. Live sessions allow participants to delve deeper into the content. Expert presentations offer room for follow-up questions, while mastermind groups of up to twelve participants exchange ideas with the speaker.

In the case study Brigitte Academy: Masterclasses by women for women, you will read how to

retain Customers
in the long term
generate DSGVO-
compliant registrations
create efficient

The customer RTL Germany

RTL Deutschland is a German media company headquartered in Cologne with additional offices in Hamburg and Berlin. It was founded in 2007 as the umbrella company for RTL Group's German companies and channels and currently employs 8,000 people. At the beginning of 2022, RTL Deutschland acquired the publishing house Gruner + Jahr, whose Brigitte brand is the market leader among German women's magazines. The Brigitte Academy has been part of Brigitte since 2017 as a platform for women's personal development.

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For more information about this project, please see our Case Study.

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