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Mobile Experiences 

Mobile Applications Accelerate Communication

Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and different wearables have long been a fixture of our personal and professional lives. That’s why individually programmed, intuitive, and high-performance apps are crucial factors for success. They boost efficiency in all areas of application – whether that’s in HR, marketing, sales, customer service, or even the Internet of Things (IoT). Professional support from a specialized service provider is crucial in order to supply customized business-to-customer and enterprise apps. Needs-based consulting and trust-based collaboration form the ideal basis for app development – regardless of which technology type or application case is at hand.

A Variety of Technologies
Agile Processes for a Smooth Project Flow
Application Cases
How You Benefit

App Development with a Variety of Technologies

There are as many technologies out there for supporting app implementation as there are requirements for a mobile app. Throughout the joint app design process and on the basis of our many years of experience, we select the right technology for your app, whether it’s native development for iOS and/or Android, or cross-platform technologies like Xamarin and Flutter.

iOS Native Apps

Android Native Apps

Cross-platform Apps

iOS Native App Development

A native app developed for iOS will be precisely tailored to the software and hardware of the respective Apple device – from iPhones and iPads, to Apple TVs, right through to Apple Watches. It will thus meet the utmost requirements in terms of functionality, reliability, and design. Using programming languages like Swift, Objective C, and C++ during app development offers the advantage of exploiting the functional possibilities of the latest devices to the fullest. The result is a consistent and spellbinding user experience.

Android Native App Development

A native app developed for Android offers the same advantages as a native iOS app in terms of functionality, performance, and design. Android apps are indispensable in achieving greater reach on the basis of their high market share alone. While Java and C++ (which are supported by Google) were dominant until now, another new programming language in the shape of Kotlin has since arrived on the scene.

Cross-platform App Development

Cross-platform app development relies on a write once – run anywhere approach. A common codebase that can be used on different devices and operating systems exists. Flutter and Xamarin are among the most common frameworks. Apps for Android and iOS can be created based on Flutter, for example. Xamarin has a very similar functionality. On the basis of the .NET Framework, apps can be developed not just for iOS and Android, but also macOS and Windows.

Agile Processes for a Smooth Project Flow

Enterprise app development is a step-by-step process. App development is not just about selecting the right technology and a suitable use case. There are many other aspects that are important in the context of app development. We accompany the complete process of app development - from brainstorming to go-live and hosting.

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The Six Phases of App Development

Brainstorming & Analysis

Conception & Design

Development sprints


Quality management

Hosting & Support

The idea: the foundations of your app

Do you already have an idea or even a suitable use case? Or are you unsure whether an enterprise app is even right for you? We support you in finding ideas and analyze not only the current situation but also the processes in your company. Together, we will find a suitable use case that creates added value for stakeholders such as customers, partners and employees.

Focus: Discovering potential and review it in a structured way

Conception and design: focused on your users

In order to bring your ideas and visions to life in the context of app development, we support you with needs-based agency services in the areas of conception and design. Based on the identified requirements and goals, we work with you to develop a goal-oriented and value-adding concept. Our creative excellence, our focus on your needs and our orientation towards technological standards form the foundation on which we develop outstanding user interfaces that best address your target group.

Focus: Converting requirements into user experiences in a targeted manner

Development: Agility is the key

For maximum efficiency and quality, we use agile methods such as Scrum for app development. Divided into several sprints, our experienced team develops individual functions of the enterprise app in close coordination with you. This gives you a transparent overview of relevant parameters such as time, budget and quality at all times. Thanks to regular coordination between you, our designers and developers, not only the project duration is significantly reduced. The result is also 100 percent in line with your expectations.

Focus: Quality and flexibility during app development

The go-live: worry-free live operation

In addition to the set-up and go-live of your enterprise app, we also take care of its publication in the app stores. This way, your mobile application goes live without any complications. In addition, we not only keep you informed about recommended releases with improvements and necessary updates with functional enhancements, but also update your enterprise app. This ensures that it always remains technologically and functionally up-to-date.

Focus: Carefree go-live and regular updates

Quality management: keeping users satisfied

Surveys show that users have no understanding for functional limitations of an enterprise app. They expect a mobile app to work flawlessly at all times. If this is not the case, they will stop using the app or even uninstall it. That's why quality assurance is our top priority. Quality management plays a central role in all phases of the project process. It doesn't just consist of extensive testing after development is complete. We lay the foundation for high quality as early as the conception, design and architecture of your enterprise app.

For the functional tests, we draw on an extensive test equipment pool with a large number of end devices with different operating systems and versions, form factors, screen sizes, processor speeds and memory sizes from different manufacturers.

Focus: Quality management in all project phases

Hosting and support: Your backend in the best hands

As a full-service provider, the operation of your backend and customized support are also part of our services. The secure and uncomplicated hosting of your application can take place at our geographically secure location in Gütersloh. Our ISO/IEC 27001 certified, high-availability data center is one of the most secure and modern in Germany. Because the leading hyperscalers in the cloud environment Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google are among our technology partners, we can also host your backend in their clouds.

Focus: Stability, security and fast support

The Right Apps for Any Application Case

B2C apps and enterprise apps are among the most common mobile applications. For a B2C app to fulfill specific user requirements and offer true added value, the end user has to be put front and center in all phases of app development. This makes it possible to transform prospective clients into dedicated clients and retain them in the long run.

In contrast, enterprise apps are used within companies to simplify processes, such as those related to project management, onboarding, or even sales and service activities. With the aid of open interfaces, an enterprise app can be integrated with different existing systems – from SAP applications, to Microsoft 360 components, right through to cloud-based tools – totally in line with company requirements. This gives rise to customized apps that are able to perfectly fulfill the respective requirements. The result is streamlined processes across different departments.

Tailormade Enterprise and B2C Apps

Virtual Showroom Apps

Recreational Apps

IoT Apps

HR Apps

Project Management Apps

Service Apps

Virtual Showroom Apps

Oftentimes, it’s the human touch that’s the most decisive factor when it comes to sales, and it’s the person who argues their case the most convincingly that wins out. High-performance virtual showroom apps support sales representatives in client acquisition. They make meetings with new clients seem much more professional and efficient by making sales-relevant information available on smartphones and tablets at any time – from product catalogs and brochures, to images and videos, right through to interactive diagrams and animations.

Recreational Apps

Recreational apps are another category of essential B2C apps alongside IoT apps. The possibilities in app development are as diverse and unique as people’s hobbies. The German Football Association’s FUSSBALL.DE app is one of the most successful sports apps in Germany. Soccer fans can use the app not just to request information on all matches ranging from district to regional leagues, but they can also save clubs, teams, and championships as favorites. An integrated TV portal for livestreams, a community feature, and links to different social media platforms round off the app.

IoT Apps

The Internet of Things is everywhere. Everyday devices are becoming increasingly intelligent. They can be connected with other machines and the Internet, and can even communicate with each another. In order for IoT to flourish in the private sphere, clear and intuitive interfaces are needed between humans and machines – in other words, IoT apps. Smart home apps are an ideal application case. They allow consumers to view all relevant sensor data at a glance and control the respective devices via smartphone – switching lamps on and off, regulating the heating, or even setting the baking time for a cake.

HR Apps

HR departments too can boost their efficiency with apps for onboarding or obtaining feedback, for example. Being able to accompany new employees in their first few weeks and months at the company with an app that has the answers to any potential questions establishes trust and confidence. With the aid of a feedback app integrated in calendars and the employee database, workers can give different types of feedback, such as on projects, events, or even individuals.

Project Management Apps

Then there are apps that make managing internal projects and processes significantly easier. Between planning and structuring internal projects, allocating areas of responsibility and individual tasks across departments, setting deadlines, weighing up risks, maintaining an overview of resources, evaluating progress, and keeping an eye on complex projects – a project management app makes all of this and much more a breeze.

Service Apps

The sales force is one of the most important touchpoints between companies and their clients. Service apps support sales representatives in carrying out their work on site. They not only allow them to enjoy an overview of all meetings together with their itinerary while making client contact data available at all times – they also enable them to access all necessary documents. They can write up records and paperwork on site, have them signed by the client, and immediately report the work they have performed and travel times.

ArvatoSystems_AppEntwicklung_Kliem AG Logo
Sales-supporting app in focus

Discover on the basis of the fictitious company "Kliem AG" what possibilities a sales-supporting app can offer, e.g. data centralization, 3D showroom or virtual and personalized customer folders

Professional App Development from a Single Source


Arvato Systems develops tailored apps that fit perfectly into individual cloud strategies. With the aid of a variety of cloud technologies (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud), different cloud services can be scaled optimally.


Thanks to its years of experience in a wide array of international projects, the roughly 3,000 professionals at Arvato Systems are experts in developing customized apps and other digital applications for companies in a great number of different industries.

By Professionals, for Professionals

Digitalization encompasses all company divisions. Arvato Systems supports companies in realizing their entrepreneurial vision with individual concepts and digital solutions that contribute to the success of strategic and financial objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions About App Development

  • App development describes the process of technically creating an app for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In simplified terms, the process comprises a conceptual phase, technical development and publication of the app in app stores such as Android's Play Store or Apple's App Store.

  • Your business benefits from app development on multiple levels:
    - An app creates branding effects that skillfully market your company's logo, brand, and products.
    - You can include offers, news and promotions in the app and thus bind existing customers to your company.
    - By placing your app in the app stores, you generate a wide reach and can attract new customers.

    The prerequisite for these benefits is that your app provides users with added value. Because only then will users use the app regularly - and thus create sustainable success for your company.

  • There is no general way to say how expensive a mobile app development is. Because: Arvato Systems only develops individual solutions that meet the needs of your company. Basically, the price depends on
    - the scope and complexity of the functions
    - the design and
    - the platform on which the app is to appear,
    depends. We can give you a concrete price quote as soon as we know the basic idea and the added value of your app. Usually, this is possible after a preliminary discussion or a requirements workshop.

  • How long an app development takes depends on the scope of functions and the design of the app. As a rule, development takes between two and six months. For technically complex apps, it can take up to a year until they are available in the app stores.

  • A mobile app goes far beyond simply representing your business. It
    - increases customer loyalty,
    - increases awareness of your company,
    - opens up new target groups,
    - improves communication with customers,
    - optimizes purchasing processes,
    - automates the creation of reports
    - improves internal communications, and
    - simplifies employee onboarding and training.
    This makes an enterprise app a fundamental part of online marketing and makes processes in your company more efficient and innovative.

  • All three app variants have their own strengths. The decisive factor for you is therefore which function the app should fulfill for your company:
    Native App
    : A native app is the right solution for your company if you need a high-performance and user-friendly application for complex projects.
    Web App: If simple functionality is sufficient, for example without access to camera and GPS, you can rely on a platform-independent web app.
    Cross-media solution: A cross-media solution combines the strengths of a native app and a web app. It offers powerful features and is therefore suitable for demanding projects. Only one programming language is used for app development. However, users can install the finished app on all common operating systems - such as Android and iOS.

  • Before we start an app project for companies, we usually first conduct a requirements workshop. This is essential to lay the foundation for successful app development. The workshop
    - solves important, fundamental questions,
    - structures the app and its functions mentally,
    - gives us and you an understanding of the app's use case,
    - reveals the technical feasibility of the desired functions and
    - provides an initial cost indication.

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