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Intelligent Document Management with Docustream

The solution for paperless working in the enterprise

Paper-Based Processes: Time-Consuming and Costly


In Germany, paperless companies are still a rarity. Retention periods in particular often result in companies physically storing business documents. In public authorities and the judiciary, even the fax still has a high value, because the use of fax documents guarantees legal bindingness and enables a fast as well as secure transmission of information in written form. Although e-mails have largely replaced letters, many procedures and business processes are still carried out manually. These manual processes are not only time-consuming, but also inefficient.

DocuStream: Efficient document digitization and management

One solution to these challenges is our fully automated DocuStream platform. With DocuStream, you can quickly and easily digitize classic documents such as paper documents, faxes or e-mails. Using configurable workflows, you start document management processes automatically, while AI-based technologies recognize content and digitize it for further processing. Additionally, DocuStream provides audit-proof archiving and allows you to leverage your existing end-to-end processes and systems such as SAP ERP can be easily integrated. DocuStream digitizes a variety of different documents such as invoices, delivery bills, inventory lists or customer correspondence fully automatically. All processes are fully controllable and documented via predefined reports.

Docustream Benefits at a Glance

Increase productivity and efficiency by reducing manual intervention, supported by intelligent algorithms based on modern cloud technology.
Secure enterprise-wide document management for different usage scenarios
Fast customizability and extension through predefined processes, resulting in significant cost savings
Connectors to popular third-party systems
Scan, process, report, and optionally archive in one tool
Can be used with almost any operating model, including SaaS cloud, on-premise, or pay-per-use.

The Most Important Features of Docustream

Document Capture

Start your business processes directly and automatically with the receipt of the relevant documents.

  • Use your browser to upload new documents manually
  • Send an e-mail to trigger the processing of a new document
  • Connect to your scanner software via "Hot-Folder" or HTTP / REST API
  • Track the progress of document processing at any time

Detection and extraction

Optionally, you can control determined information with the possibility of further enrichment.

  • Interchangeable, adaptive recognition model for extracting text and structured data from documents using variable recognition modules
  • Modern recognition and extraction with and without artificial intelligence (AI).


Store documents audit-proof in the cloud or in other external systems.

  • Store documents securely thanks to connected long-term archiving.
  • Ensure that you can easily find documents later for research or review purposes

Processing and reporting

  • Benefit from automated validation and duplicate checks
  • Integrate (optional) manual resolution steps and custom workflows
  • Combine master data from third-party systems
  • Perform individual searches or download predefined reports (CSV) on processed documents

End-2-End processing with external systems

With the possibility of end-2-end processing and seamless integration with external systems, the platform offers you a flexible solution.

  • Send data to third-party systems via standard interfaces for further processing
  • Connect to your proprietary systems via a custom implementation

Our Services for Your Success

Our services go beyond providing a fully automated document management platform. We understand that your success is inextricably linked to the efficiency and reliability of our solution. That's why we are committed to helping you integrate DocuStream quickly and smoothly into your existing business processes - with maximum flexibility and customizability. In addition, we place great emphasis on the security and reliable operation of our platform.


  • DocuStream is an intelligent document management solution that helps businesses automatically capture, classify and store their documents. It uses intelligent technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize workflow and increase efficiency.

  • The benefits of DocuStream for businesses are many. It can help businesses save time and money by automating manual tasks and increasing workflow efficiency. It can also help improve document access and increase data security. In addition, DocuStream offers a quick setup phase and easy customizability.

  • In addition to the document types already included in the standard system, such as debit notes, returns, goods receipt, etc., any document types can be configured individually, including the workflows and input masks based on them.

  • Yes, the workflows can be configured so that you can either (A) exchange data during the process or (B) exchange data with external systems, e.g. via REST interface, at the end of the process.

  • DocuStream comes with a standard API for HTTP calls (REST). This can be used, for example, to start new processing. In addition, there are predefined interfaces to SAP ERP and ABBYY.

  • DocuStream is available as a SaaS application around the clock. You can create an account at https://docustream.aws-arvato.com and get started right away.

  • Data security is a top priority at Arvato Systems. Whether personal data or business secrets - your data is safe with us. Data security was already taken into account during the development of DocuStream. Secrets related to product are stored securely encrypted to prevent unwanted access. Communication between users and the product is done exclusively via SSL/TLS encryption. A flexible roles and rights concept ensures that only authorized persons have access to the data. This ensures that control over the data remains with the customer at all times.

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