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Low-Code/No-Code With the Microsoft Power Platform

The engine for the digitization of your organization

Automate business processes independently with the Microsoft Power Platform

In companies, numerous individual processes take place every day in different departments, which employees often carry out manually. These are many individual, small processes such as sending monthly reminders for expense reports or regular report generation. With individual business applications and automations, you can make many of these business processes much more efficient.

With the Microsoft Power Platform, you tackle the digital transformation of your organization - at an individual level. The Power Platform turns your employees into "Citizen Developers" who can independently digitize their business processes and develop business apps - on a low-code/no-code basis even with little IT knowledge. At Arvato Systems, we focus on your goals and accompany you step by step on your path to digitization.

This Is Why the Microsoft Power Platform Is the Ultimate Choice

Realize savings potentials

The demand for smart, automated processes and individual business apps for digital transformation is high - and so are the needs and costs for developers. The Microsoft Power Platform remedies this by enabling skilled personnel to create standalone solutions for their specific use cases without lengthy needs analyses and consultations with the IT department. To ensure compliance with your corporate policies, we help you develop effective guardrails for the application of the Power Platform.

Relieve IT

Even for small to mid-sized organizations, updates and user requests represent a high workload in the IT department, not to mention the workload that large corporations face for maintaining and supporting their systems. With the Power Platform, you turn your employees into citizen developers and empower them to drive the digitization and advancements of the company through their applications and automations.

Motivate employees

The Microsoft Power Platform gives employees the freedom to translate their own ideas into an efficient solution quickly and easily. Your organization benefits not only from individual stand-alone solutions that contribute to digital transformation, but also from a high level of employee motivation that comes from being independent and making their own contribution to digitization.

The Full Power of the Microsoft Power Platform

With the Microsoft Power Platform you take an important step for the digital transformation of your company: Fast implementation through real hands-on processes and short development cycles in the creation of solutions adapted to the specific problems of your employees. The Power Platform includes four services for your digitalization:

Power Apps

With Power Apps, your employees from all departments develop applications as "Citizen Developers" in no time. Power Apps quickly and easily creates solution-oriented business applications for individual use cases based on data and without much know-how from software development.

Power Automate

Power Automate automates work processes and thus supports the efficiency of your teams. The special sub-function RPA (Robotic Process Automation) makes Power Automate particularly suitable for repetitive tasks that are very time-consuming and do not receive any qualitative advantage from manual execution.

Power BI

Through Power BI, you make informed decisions based on data-driven insights derived from data in your selected systems or from the Power Platform itself. With Power BI, you create high-quality dashboards and reports to get clear, real-time insight into your processes and applications at any time.

Power Virtual Agents

With Power Virtual Agents, you empower your employees to create smart chatbots that facilitate their own work environment. The virtual agents support your employees and can be tailored to a wide range of topics and the given specific tasks.

Challenges When Using the Microsoft Power Platform

With the Microsoft 365 Suite, many companies already have the Power Platform and often without knowing it. Or without knowing how they can use the functionalities of the Power Platform more effectively. This is not surprising, because the possibilities and services of the Microsoft solution are wide-ranging. Therefore, there are two essential questions for the use of the Microsoft Power Platform:

  • What are my deployment scenarios for the Power Platform?
  • What is the governance strategy behind the use of the Power Platform?

With the Microsoft Power Platform, you approach the digital transformation of your organization - on an individual level. The Power Platform turns your employees into "Citizen Developers" who can independently digitize their business processes and develop business apps - on a low-code/no-code basis even with little IT knowledge. At Arvato Systems, we focus on your goals and accompany you step by step on your path to digitization.

Our Offer for You: Free Workshop Together With PwC

Together with you and our partner PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), we would like to answer these questions for your company. For this purpose, we offer you a free workshop in which we guide you through the benefits and typical challenges of the Power Platform. In our four-hour session, you will also gain insights into your specific use cases and a live demo of a suitable solution. As an outlook, we will show you how your roadmap with the Microsoft Power Platform can look like and which aspects are relevant under Adoption and Governance when using the platform.

Start your Power Platform journey now: With our experts from Arvato Systems and our partner PwC, you will benefit from a high-caliber wealth of experience from strategic business management as well as operational, technological implementation - double power for your Power Platform.

Benefits for You as a User

Increased level of automation for business processes at the individual level
Increased efficiency of processes and teams
Structured use of the Power Platform through control models
Increased motivation of your employees
Rapid implementation of solution-oriented ideas
Out of practice: Supplier management at OGE

Are you wondering what the implementation of the Microsoft Power Platform looks like in practice? Our customer Open Grid Europe (OGE) has joined us in using the services of the Power Platform for integrated supplier management and is now benefiting from optimized business processes and a high level of transparency across all departments.

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The entire Microsoft portfolio for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Microsoft Power Platform

  • The Power Platform is already included in various Microsoft 365 licenses. This also applies to the often existing E1 to E5 licenses. In addition, there are further options for licensing premium functions of the Power Platform or its individual components - Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents. We will be happy to advise you on the basis of your existing licenses.

  • Yes, the workshop is bookable for all interested parties. Together with you, we create a uniform understanding of the Power Platform and orient ourselves to your prior knowledge of Microsoft services. In the course of the workshop, we identify your specific use cases and address the potentials in your company.

  • The Power Platform is a functional theme that gives your employees direct and fast access to their own solutions. This can lead to many smart and digitalized processes - but without strategic planning for the application of the platform and measures for data loss prevention, it can also lead to security risks for your sensitive data.

  • Our partner PwC has considerable knowledge for the strategic planning of your Power Platform journey. At Arvato Systems, we complement this with specialist know-how about the technical implementation of the Microsoft solution. Both PwC and Arvato Systems bring many years of experience from a large number of international and cross-industry Power Platform projects.

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