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Less complexity, more flexibility ...

An order management system such as aroma® is often used as a kind of middleware which acts as a hub between e-shop, warehouses, branches, ERP and financial systems. In fact, aroma® also offers the option of rethinking the typical architecture and even dispensing the e-shop system.


In e-commerce today, companies often use various specialized systems in addition to the shop system:

A PIM (product data management), a CMS (preparation and presentation of content), a dedicated search engine, a DAM system for digital asset management and an OMS as a backend for orchestrating background processes.

Chart: Typical e-commerce IT system

The shop system often only fulfills 4 tasks, which can easily be taken over by the special systems:

  1. Display of products
  2. Holding the product catalog
  3. Management of prices and promotions
  4. Provision of the shopping basket

In the described setting, all 4 tasks can be managed by other systems:

  • The presentation of the products as well as the entire user interface, can be handled by a CMS (Content Management System), which is specialized in these frontend tasks.
  • The product catalog is better kept by the search engine, which is usually more flexible in serving customers' requests.
  • Prices and promotions can be mapped across channels through aroma®'s Prices and Promotions module.
  • Shopping cart and checkout processes can also be realized via aroma® APIs, since corresponding functionalities are available anyway, e.g. for taking orders in customer service and in stores.

Of course, companies today have an e-shop system that can be further used with aroma®. But aroma® also offers the interesting option of being able to replace the traditional e-shop system.

Benefits for you

Reduction of IT costs for set-up and operation
Simplification of the IT architecture
More flexibility through headless commerce

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